More Black Legion Missions & Some new issues


Looking at the star-map. Got 2 mission for black legion. Done 1 got 4 skulls. At this rate i wont get the mask by the end of the event. Can we get a little more focus on BL type then nurgle for a day or 2? 

And since the new patches, Im getting alot more hangs and shutters on my Gtx965m

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More Black Legion Missions & Some new issues
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6 years 41 days ago

You can exploit those missions with ease. just kill almost anything then let the last enemys kill you. Mission is a failure but you keep the skulls. After the mission fails it's still there to rince and repeat. I had the the problem that all but 1 Black legion missions were in the last sector and i realy don't want to play a toon up there just to do the missions.

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6 years 41 days ago
it took me around 3 hours to collect the 50 skulls.

There are plenty of black legion missions, if you are low level maybe some of them are to high for you.

I also got many from doing tarot missions if you did a black legion mission before!

If everything fails roll a new char, a dev mentioned that you can find them in the campain missions too.

6 years 41 days ago
i have there no problem, iám working 10hrs on the day and have homework to doo. i have right now 37/50 skulls.