Morality Weapons for Vanity/Transmog


Hi, over time I noticed that morality weapons have very nice distinctive looks (shotgun, amaxing Greataxe, …), that I would like to use for more powerful weapons, since most morality weapons are not best in slot for my (most endgame) builds. Could you think of a way like in other games that the appearance of an item can be changed to another one? The cosmentic item  could get lost druing this process to value the cosmetic item and drop therefore. Nice thing would be that morality weapons would have a positve sense, at least you could use them as nice transmog and be excited  if you find one, which is much better than salvaging them… ;)

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Morality Weapons for Vanity/Transmog
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3 years 315 days ago

Such an option won't get implemented but what we are working on at the moment are the Ancient weapons which we will improve to raise their quality and hence higher tier weapons will be better not just in their looks but in their stats as well so they will become more useful in endgame builds.
I will have a word about the possibility of boosting Morality weapons too with our designers so we will see.

3 years 315 days ago
I find that the appearance in crafting tab produces somewhat unpredictable color changes, at least on PS4. Material etc. is not clear at all in advance how they will behave, and in the end ist just recoloring. Some of the morality weapons look totally different and much more badass IMO...

3 years 316 days ago
 I wouldn't mind seeing transmog effects in the future . Although I believe the Appearance tab on Crafting menu is working quite well for my tastes .