Mission: Tyranid Menace - Insane Enemy HP


This is the continuation of the main story, where you ask the Crimson Wanderer to join battle to clear an Eldar Shrine.

The crimson Wanderer has 40k (^^) HP, and does between 120 (auto gun) and 5k damage (multi melta shot).

A normal Tyranid has 240k HP and the 4 bosses have over 1 Million HP.

While i can walk over small tyrannids and kill them instantly, the big ones are impossible to kill with normal means. I did that on story mode, on normal and impossible.

I think that needs some improvement, as the mission is not doable atm. It takes like 15 min to kill one of the Toxicrenes, and that is only possible because of the exploit that the attack range of the crimson wanderer is longer that the aggro range of the boss.

Actually its in all Crimson Wanderer missions... i need to kill 9 eldar walkers, each with like 750k hp.

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Mission: Tyranid Menace - Insane Enemy HP
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4 years 207 days ago
Thank you for your services to the Emperor.
4 years 207 days ago
We are already on the matter, will handle the issue as soon as possible! 
4 years 208 days ago
I can confirm this, it took me over 1 hour to complete EACH mission with the Wanderer mech due to this.
4 years 208 days ago

I'm running the first Crimson Wanderer mission from the new expansion on my level 100 Psyker right now.

The Toxicrenes start with over 1,000,000 hitpoints. Takes way way too long to kill them... and I'm typing this while I let the Wanderer regen after getting the first one down to 600k.

Even the regular enemies have over 50K HP... it's crazy.

Multi-Melta Shot does just over 6K damage. Cooldown 1 sec

Battlecannon Shot does just over 2K. Cooldown 2 sec

That means it takes over 2 minutes of non-stop fire to down EACH of these things.

It takes FAR too much to kill enemies. Either the Wanderer's damage needs to be upped or enemy hit points need to be reduced.