Mission icon meanings


Good morning to whoever reads this,

Just wanna start off by saying I loved the tower defense missions in the Adventures games, so when I saw Deathtrap on the Playstation Store I had to buy it immediately.

I am a tad bit confused on some parts of the game though. Particularly the mission icons when looking at the main mission select screen. Most missions are the red symbol with the crossed mace/axe, this looks like a standard mission icon to me.

What does the yellow sickle mean? I’m pretty sure I see it alternate between some missions I’ve already completed, is it a limited time special mission or something? I think I’ve played and haven’t noticed anything different, but I could be missing something.

Any help is appreciated, and if someone from Neocore sees this, I love the work you all do and have probably bought more additional content in your games than most other games in the last year or so combined. Keep it up and hope to see King Arthur on consoles in the future!

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Mission icon meanings
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