Mission dissapear in warhammer 40k martyr


Hi! I have a really huge problem with warhammer 40k martyr on ps4! I was on mission in  chapter 3 ,  "secret army , enter in stasi room" , and my internet connection fail ( i was in coop too) and the game freeze. So I close it and restart, and as I came back to the game the mission disappear. I have in the top right of the screen the inscription of the mission and what I have to do but I don't have anymore the violet pin or the mission in the list. There is a way to fix it? I need to restart the game? 

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Mission dissapear in warhammer 40k martyr
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93 days ago
I'm having the exact same problem with one of my seasonal characters (solo). However, I was able to complete the Van Wynter's Lecacy missions by selecting them manually from the star system map (they just appeared there one after another for some reason; they did not appear at the top right corner active mission menu on the bridge though), and I was able to start and finish the first mission of Martyr: Chapter 4. Now, Martyr: Chapter 3 just remains unfinished. It does appear on the active mission menu list on the bridge, but it doesn't show as an "active mission" that can be selected (no purple pinpoint anywhere on the starmap). 
119 days ago
Please provide me your in-game account name, your character's name as well as the platform you are playing on. We will check on the problem.