Missing Skill Points


Level 67 Psyker

After resetting my trees I have 40 points to spend and afterward it says I have 74 distributed. 

What happened to my passive points?  Why the number difference? What do I do?

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Missing Skill Points
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1 year 158 days ago
Good news:  Got all the points back and I was able to distribute them.

Bad news:  I am unable to sell any item or break down any item, whether it was in my inventory, storage or new from a mission.

Worse news: All the items I took from storage and left in my inventory after entering a mission (testing my build) and returning to the bridge, were deleted. And after entering and leaving a mission, and entering and finishing a mission, I am still unable to sell or break down loot.
So....the passive points are fixed but everything broke.

1 year 158 days ago
Could you please check it now? Do you have all the missing points now?
1 year 161 days ago
And thank you!
1 year 161 days ago
Platform: PS4

Account name: Recoilius

Character name: Recoilius

1 year 161 days ago
Please provide me:

- the platform

- your account name

- your character's name

We will reset your skill points to correct the problem.