Missing Skill Points


My main character, crusader lvl 94, should have 104 skill points:

  • 94 for ech level
  • 9 for each 10. level
  • 1 from the station

After a horrible co-op game, where i couldnt do any damage, suddenly 2 skill trees were reset. After distributing the SP I wondered, because i was some short.

I respected ALL skills, now i have 102 SP points and 2 SP which are "distributed" but dont show up anywhere. I reset ALL skills, in  case the are invisible or something, but still are not available to me. I reloged, with no new results.

And please fix muliplayrer, right now it seems like a 50% chance that something goes really chaotic atm.

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Missing Skill Points
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4 years 237 days ago
Thanks for the additional details, we are working on the missing skill points already, expect a fix soon! 
4 years 238 days ago

Station offers 2 skill points, but firts lvl dont offer point

So you must have:




:104 points yes.

Curiously my crusader lvl 82 must have:





But im playing with 92 distributed points and today indicates -1 skill point to spend


4 years 238 days ago

Account: Anthrax Omega, Charakter Anthrax Omega (Crusader, lvl 94)

I have another crusader with the same name, lvl 78.

I have reset all skill points now, so you can see that 102 points are available, and 2 are invisible but distributed.

This happend as well after a crashed co-op game, as suddedly 2 learned skill trees were empty and i had skill points to distribute. I only noticed then that they are "missing". 

Chaotic implies the following issues:

- Disconnects and reconnetcs that put you in a totally random team with stranges or put you in a long completed stoty line mission (in my case "Follow Closterheims Trail) alone.

- loss of all buffs

- incapable of doing damage, while all other things work (heal on hit etc. are fine.)

- team lags where no one can do anything

- or just the inabilty to do anything in mid-mission (moving fighting etc)

Nevertheless, guys, you did good, and the game feels much more sophisticated and i looking forward for what you have planned for us in the comming future.

So thank you for the patience and support, i will try to be as patient and supportive :)

4 years 239 days ago
Could you please give us your account and character names? We will check on the issue!

As for coop, what do you experience as 'chaotic'?