Missing morality progress and void shard inventory item



I've recently encountered two issues I'm hoping someone can help me with:

  1. On my assassin Dusk, I completed a morality choice after completing the Drukhari quests, and confirmed that her Morality tab was unlocked and I could see 25 points on Puritan - however today when I checked, her Morality tab is once again grayed out?  Can someone please restore access?
  2. On another character I received 5 crimson void shards as part of a reward (weekly maybe?); however instead of being deposited into my shards tab, they appeared as an inventory stack item which I apparently can't do anything with except sell to vendor.  Can someone please move those into my shard tab, or let me know if this is something I can do myself?


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Missing morality progress and void shard inventory item
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114 days ago
Thank you sir!
117 days ago
Dusk's issue got forwarded to our devs, they will unlock the tab for you.

As for the shard issue, we compensated these 5 Crimson shards , they are in your stash now. Please delete the bugged shards.