Missing credits PS5


All my credits on my non-seasonal character vanished after creating a seasonal character for judgement. Everything else seems to be there… stash, fate, etc. just not the credits. Reloaded, rebooted, ran a couple missions.. nothing seems to work.  Any ideas?

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Missing credits PS5
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346 days ago

Support fixed this, thank you, though. I’m finding that overall the game doesn’t handle switching between seasonal and standard toons very well for some reason.   My crafting materials were messed up too, but only the ones I had on my newbie toon for the season. I’m not worried too much about a pile of blue materials, that’ll build up quick. Getting inventories to persist in their current state when switching ‘worlds’ though should be a critical issue to squash for DEVs imho. This element breaks the seasonal game mode for me, as I won’t be returning to that mode until I have assurances that I won’t go through this again. 

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348 days ago
Hey hey, if they really didn't turn back up after a couple restarts, I can restore them manually for you. What is your in-game account name, and how many credits are you missing?