Massive ragdoll graphic glitches


Good evening.

I noticed for a couple weeks now, that on my psyker enemies tend to tear and glitch massively after being killed.

Their models get stretched out and visual glitches appear.

This happens quite a lot, nearly every bigger enemy pack has this behaviour.

Graphic driver update did not help. I noticed the same tearing and stretching on my battle sister, but not in this amount. 

It's hard to capture in a screenshot, since it only appears for one frame for each enemy.

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Massive ragdoll graphic glitches
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135 days ago

Please try and put 'persistent bodies' down to zero in the graphics settings. If that still doesn't help, additionally try and put physics detail and character detail to zero as well. 

136 days ago

This has helped to reduce it, but it still appears in high density enemy groups.

138 days ago

Hi! Could you please install everything from inside the Martyr InstallUtils folder: redist, physx, directx and keys