Marty/Prophecy achievements sync


Are there any plans to fix this? At the moment, only a few achievements are properly synchronised. Yesterday I tried playing the game through Prophecy for the first time; I had 11 locked achievements before starting, then the game and Steam synced 4 achievements and left the rest as they were - even though I had completed all of them a long time ago while playing the Martyr version of the game.

Stuff like the Cognis Protocol, Master Datasmith and the TA story achievements remain locked in Prophecy and yet I have them all unlocked in the Martyr achievements list.

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Marty/Prophecy achievements sync
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2 years 135 days ago
My reply arrives a little late, sorry for that.

Yes, some achievements which do not relate to campaign progress can unlock automatically but certain things need to be completed first. We noticed this problem even before the release of Prophecy but cannot do anything about it, sadly.

2 years 147 days ago
Then how come some of the achievements got unlocked the moment I launched Prophecy? I had 4/11* achievements the instant I first launched Prophecy two days ago, so clearly the game was able to figure out I had those achievements through Martyr. I have access to my Martyr characters also through the Prophecy client, so the games know how to work together with my Steam / game ID.

Either the games are completely separate and then none of those achievements can be shared or it can be done, it's just that the games don't do it correctly and only sync some achievements, while leaving the others untouched for some unknown reason.

And just to clarify: I have unlocked in Martyr all the Prophecy achievements (all 11 are also in Martyr). Prophecy clearly only sees some of those achievements and unlocks them for me, but ignores the rest.

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2 years 147 days ago
This cannot be 'fixed'. The games are separate entities and hence they have their own achievements. Prophecy is not just an expansion of Martyr but a stand-alone game as well.