Map issues


I'd like to point out:

1. Folks, your graphics engine has a significant shadow-related bug on complex objects which leads to some heavy lag.  The "Gothic Indoors" map, where the lag can be reliably reproduced is:

I've outlined the object, IMHO, responsible.

2. There's a "Thropospheric Platform" level, which reliably spawns the "Defend the Psyker until she closes the Warp Gate" event. IMHO, this should not be available for non-Chaos-related factions. I mean, the Eldar coming from a Chaos Warp Gate?!

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Map issues
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95 days ago

One more istance of a consistent non-shadow dependent lag(lag-causing area outlined):

From what I can see, the issue is the multitude of "squares". They are definitely processed as individual objects. Once the camera is rotated some 110 degrees, the lag starts.
97 days ago

The lag was gone, once the shadow quality had been set to 0.

97 days ago

As far as I know the tester team checked on this map setting with the shadow turned off but that had no effect on the performance at all. What made you think that the shadow is the thing that is responsible for a lag?

100 days ago

On another note, the lag at the "Industrial Complex" is consistent, extreme and unaffected by the shadow settings: