Magos Biologis not found in the three locations


I played the story mission "Chapter Two , Saving Caius Thorn, Search for the Magos Biologis" in coop and the magos was not found at any location. Now I have no new story missions (I still should search the magos biologis at the three locations) but  that is not possible.

Please fix this!

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Magos Biologis not found in the three locations
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3 days ago
Im also Stuck there can anybody fix this i would really like to play more with my friend.

CharacterName: Typhus

GamerTag: Adrian041

Steam: Adrian

23 days ago
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27 days ago
Same issue as below.  Stuck on the magos biologos mission after playing co op.  Please help.

Character Name:  Mr. Business

Gamer tag:  WalmartJasnMomoa

Thank you

29 days ago

I've been stuck on the "Search for the magos biologis at 3 possible locations (Aethon system)" mission for almost 2 years. I play on Xbox and I cannot progress. My gamertag is ItzYaBoyDarrell and my character is a Heavy Gunner Crusader. What can I do to progress?

38 days ago

hello, im stuck with the Magos bug cant seem to progress any further.

name : MadlockNL


54 days ago
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55 days ago
Amazing work many thanks 
55 days ago
Both issues were fixed!
55 days ago
I've had the same Issue I've been grinding till level 18 and still nothing 

Ps5 Nathikana 

Class Heavy Gunner Crusader .

56 days ago
Crimson chin
Xbox one

Gamertag: stermtruppen


Sniper assassin

56 days ago
I have her already but I'm stuck on the mission to find her, how do I fix this 
72 days ago
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80 days ago
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83 days ago
Your character's issue got fixed. Please check on him!:)
84 days ago

Same issue couldn't locate Biologis after completing the 3 missions.


Gamertag: Articraymond

Katanga Norris

Heavy Gunner Crusader

87 days ago
The issue was fixed!:)
88 days ago
Fix my character too, please, same bug

Platform ps4 pro EU

Character qSTVOLp

lvl 33 crusader

Thank you!

93 days ago
Fixed the problem on our end earlier today. Thanks for your patience in the last couple of days!
97 days ago
A little surprised to see this bug still happening after several years... I'm experiencing the same issue.

Platform: Xbox 1 x

Character: Blazarus

Level 10 Crusader

104 days ago
Please check if the changes we just made on our end helped. If not please let me know!
109 days ago
Same bug also with the mission Magos Biologis. 

platform: PC, NA

Character: Rictus

level 23 Tactical Crusader

thank you!

114 days ago
Fixed the issue on our end. Please check on your character. :)
115 days ago

Hello Same Bug with the mission magos biologis.

My psn : acidemax

lvl 25  Crusader

Thank in advance!

115 days ago
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117 days ago
Never mind, we fixed your progress just now!:)
117 days ago
The issue in question was fixed, please check on your character!


Your issue is a little more complex, please give us a day or two to handle the problem. 

118 days ago

Same problem 

Platform: PC, eu

Gamertag: Satiini

Character: stormtrooper crusader lvl 15 

the quest has a bug, I guess I didn't find something, but it definitely doesn't have magos biologis

119 days ago

Same problem

Platform: Ps4, europe

Gamertag: Rezadam21

Character: Heavy Gunner Crusader

159 days ago
I have the same problem...

PSN ID: Oscurymon 

Character name: Queen

It's a lv 18 assassin 

206 days ago
Hello I'm having this same problem. Psn webbwulf
272 days ago
Good day.

I pretty much encountered the same issue reggarding the missing Magos Biologist.

My PSN ID is: Hugostrife

Character name: Zeratrox

LVL 18 crusader

Thanks in advance for the support!

286 days ago
Can i get progression fixed on my PC psyker or should i just restart?
286 days ago
I have the same issue. Character Name: Prismo. He's a psyker. same thing hapened to me and can't progress in campagin. please fix my progression soon!
294 days ago
I am having this issue as well on PC! 

Level 20 Assassin - Character: Lucretia

I was playing with my father and we were just playing coop on story missions and it counted for him, but not myself, and now I am roadblocked. :(

297 days ago
I am also having this issue on PC, 

Level 18 assassin - character name: pixelkitty

331 days ago
Itachi Azura
I hope you will have a significantly better weekend after such a week!
332 days ago
Itachi Azura
After a terrible week- getting a "mysterious" like notification only to find that mission fixed the first day back on it- it made all difference on my day

You guys are awesome- can't show thanks enough!

335 days ago

My tag is Doh Madder

Level 29 HG Crusader named Decisious

The Magos missions disappeared after a co-op game and i cant progress

355 days ago
Perfect!  Thank you.
355 days ago
The issue got fixed a moment ago, please look into the problem again if it exists.
357 days ago
Same issue just happened to me.

Level 16 crusader.


Immortal x Dead

1 year 57 days ago
I checked on your Crusader 'jim' but the issue could not be found. Are you still stuck in the campaign?
1 year 59 days ago
I also ran into this issue.

I am a lvl 18 space marine. 

PS5 ID - Sigmasite

please let me know if you need more information.

Thank you!

1 year 60 days ago
Fixed the issue just now, please check it.
1 year 60 days ago

I have the same problem I searched all three locations and I am now stuck on saving caius thorn and can't find her. My character is a level 6 assassin sniper named killer and the system is xbox one. Account name is Secludedzebra36

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1 year 61 days ago
@MAKAYLA‍ both issues got fixed. Thanks for your patience and for reporting the bugs!
1 year 63 days ago
Hi! I also can't find it and can't progress.

System: xbox

Account name: BraggestVeil264

Character: Makayla

1 year 63 days ago
Hi, I also can’t progress after checking the 3 locations.

system: Xbox 
account: ende4v0r

Character: Dorito

1 year 110 days ago
The problem got fixed, please check on your character.
1 year 111 days ago
I also have the problem. I did the campaign in co-op with a friend but once they searched the 3 locations and found the Magos I lost the capability to do story missions ( they don't show up). Is it possible to unbrick my character?

Account Name: Yuyukashi
Character name: Ser Boreale