Lots of Bugs


I've played the warp season and also with my normal characters a lot recently.

So i'm gonna report the bugs I encountered, which have been more then ever.


-the items with the skill : when in enraged state enemies within 5m are shocked causes crashes all the time, I tried it on 3 different characters, it happens a lot, when its a low level map its a 40% game crash chance and high level its 80% crash chance, it crashes to desktop and says, Fatal error, not enough free user ID or something

-the Stasis Casket bugs out a lot, especially the new 2 added slots , either completely disappear(empty) or are not functional, and I have to relog many times until my items load back in, its so annoying, sometimes the whole stasis casket is completely empty and I have to reload many times until my items are back, both bugs happen in the season and normal stasis casket

-strikes on artillery and bunkers sometimes don't work , which means the F key is either not there or its there but the meter doesn't fill up, and it requires Alt+Tab the game and close it and restart the game until the mission isn't bugged, both happened on season and non season characters

-The Radical Perk sometimes doesn't work and later it does, which means the berserk tokens sometimes just don't appear and later on it works as always again, and also I think there is a glitch when removing the perk and putting in any other one I sometimes still get berserk token even though I don't have any berserk token items equipt

-Enrage tokens often stuck at 1 and don't count up until changing weapons back and forth

-when the game crashes( for example because of the enrage shock item) or if the internet connection gets lost at the end of the mission, the Void Crusade, after restarting the game, disappears sometimes

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Lots of Bugs
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2 years 32 days ago
The crash issues are in our focus now while we will also stabilize the storage tabs so no items will vanish from them any longer. The rest of the issues will also get checked in the coming period.

Thanks for the great list and the way you described them. It easies our work a lot!