Loot quality bonus, is it always helpful?


Hey guys !

I'm just wondering how the Loot Quality works

For people spent time long enough in the game, all they care is some decent 1+5 items (and with good values, for archeo enchants).

I'm now a little confused about these questions:

1. Does this "Loot Quality" affect the enchant number of items? 

2. Does "Loot Quality" ALWAYS work to roll higher value of items?

I have this question because the archeo enchant "Invulnerability for 3 seconds when losing at least xx% HP on Hit Taken" is especially useful when it is at the lowest value 29%.

 (At this value, it could be used in conjunction with Perk "Blessing of Saint Victorius",which restricts the maximum damage that could be received from one hit at 30%HP. This makes life easier at 18+ levels.)

Similarly, for the enchant "Enter focused state when the HP is above xx%", lower values are more welcome (I noticed before that the Ancient Relic "Concentration" armor set this enchant at highest value, which is not good).

If loot quality only increases the enchant values and doesn't affect enchant number, then the best strategy is to keep it low.

If loot quality has a say in enchant number, but on the other hand increases every enchant value, then it's harder to decide......

Any information would be appriciated. Thanks!

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Loot quality bonus, is it always helpful?
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2 years 56 days ago
Thanks for the thought ! That's also what I think.

No matter the truth, a hard grind is always the only solution :)

2 years 56 days ago

The compendium has a short line on this in the VC section:

  • Mission Loot Quality Bonus: Increases rolled enchant values on dropped items

So as far as I can tell, the loot quality bonus only affects the values of the enchants and not the number of enchants rolled on an item. To my understanding, the latter is still completely random and I don't think there is a way to increase it. 

I imagine that the game first looks at the loot rarity value to determine the rarity of your new dropped item, then randomly selects the number of enchants within the budget for each rarity and without any other consideration beyond RNG, and then takes the loot quality value to calculate the actual values for each of the enchants.

So the loot quality bonus would be mostly beneficial for archeotechs and ancient relics, since everything else can be simply re-rolled ad nauseam until you get the desired enchants and values.

Regarding the 'enter state' values, I think that is a bit situational. Some builds will favour lower values (e.g. fighting in the melee range and getting constantly damaged; or for some psyker builds), while others will remain at 100% health almost all the time (e.g. ranged TA builds). So what you will be looking for in this value will depend on how you have built your character.

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2 years 65 days ago
I can´t remember when last time I got some kind of Quality or Quantity stat on my actual MAIN Stat on any Archeotech Relic. Or Ancient for that matter.

And IF I ever did, i most likely just ignored it and got rid of it. To something more useful.

Other then that, I just reroll the stat for something more useful and needful.

2 years 66 days ago
Brother Kundari

Well. Not sure if I understand you correctly, but I do believe the loot quality is important if it affects the main enchant values of the red items, since they can't be rerolled.

For the "invulnerability on big struck" items, they could only be used in end game builds only when they are at the lowest values possible , so that means a lot for me :) 

Of course, I could just keep grinding as we always do and eventually I'll get what I need....But sometimes I'm just curious if I have taken the best approach, just wondering:)

2 years 66 days ago
Does it matter? Really?

Far as I know Quality is Quality and Quantity is just what it is. Quantity. Other then that I really never cared about those kind of stats.

Because Quantity and Quality stat(s), is something I ALWAYS reroll, so I can get something that actually Whacks and give me that extra Oomphh that actually does the job. Because that is what you actually do need.