Looking for a PS4 NA active cabal


Hello all! I just got the game less than a week ago and I’m trying to ascertain how big of a community we have on PS4. I’ve been able to play a few multiplayer games but it seems like there’s not a lot of life out there. I’ve applied to a bunch of cabals for North America but haven’t been accepted to any of them. 

PSN: hearth19 

Would love to join any active cabals on PS4 

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Looking for a PS4 NA active cabal
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5 years 109 days ago

I am being unable to play multiplayer as I have also enabled the multiplayer mode on the game but that did not take place. I also want to have the multiplayer mode but unable to have it and it is also having an issue on my PS4.

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5 years 117 days ago

check the Warhammer 40000 group in PSN. you can also create your own cabal and invite other inquisitors )