Live after lvl 100


Dear devs, hi!

Can you, please, advice on high-lvl content the player of lvl 100 can play?

For current moment it is almost nothing to do, after one hit lvl 100.

Can you, please, share your plans to us?

(exept new chars leveling)

Many thanks in advance.

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Live after lvl 100
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4 years 359 days ago
please make some kind of endgame, the old warzone had its problems but at least it required you had good gear, and it kept getting harder, i havent completed the new warzone, cause i started at it when i was 100 and i simply cant be bothered to play the game at level 50 with my endgame gear charecters.

i love the game, but theres simply not anything to realy do in it any more when geared, and you actually dont need that good gear to do the crusade

4 years 359 days ago
Is there any way possible that you bring the old warzone back?

The new "warzone" was just annoyingly easy with no challenge, and worst of it, no reward. Where is the robot? (chaos knight)

The old warzone gave players something to compete in. And pls dont forget your most loyal Warzone Player "Viddock" who made it to WZ 5010...

4 years 359 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 4 years 362 days ago
Increasing the level cap is not within our short-term plans I can confirm that. 

Warzone will get expanded to some degree with the next patch though!:)

Hi, Marcopolocs

Thanks for your answer.

So, you are coming back to the system that was before 2.0?

Do hope that the rewards will be adecvate to the efforts and not like we have now in Void Crusade.

BTW - do you plan to fix the reward situation in Void Crusade? It is quite depressing to have +400% item drop and get trash from the chests.

To be honest I was expacting that you'll add new levels to the Void Crusade, increasing it difficalty and rewarding us for the efforts.

4 years 362 days ago
Increasing the level cap is not within our short-term plans I can confirm that. 

Warzone will get expanded to some degree with the next patch though!:)

4 years 363 days ago
Do agree, that a paragon system - as in Diablo, of "mines" - like in POE would be great.

But for now it's nothing to do after you hit 100 and collect top gear.

Any official statmeent, dear devs? What should we wait for?

4 years 363 days ago

please dont increase the level cap any further.

Lvl 80 was good, you could skill for a smooth playstyle without lacking of defense or offense.

But lvl 100 feels already somewhat cheating. You can skill more or less half of the trees completly at lvl 100.

Increasing the difficulty at which you can encounter enemies also makes little sense. Max dmg reduction is -99% damage done.

This worked on the old warzone since you could add +damage done as a ability. So you basically had -50% damage done or less.

Right now with the tarot cards you can get pretty nasty bullet sponges which take alot of time to kill. (that would be same as D3 where your damage/enemy-life goes riddicilous high into the billions/trillions)

Some endless mode would be nice again, just to push yourself to the limit.

Greater Rifts from D3 was a good idea, just the paragon system/power creep killed the fun

Maybe some sort of endless warp expedition, where you enter the warp and have to fight waves of enemies before you finally have to leave duo to the insanity of the warp itself.

getting certain boni after completing a certain amnount of enemies/waves and increased time per enemy slain.

The problem of content is the bane of most, if not all ARPG. How can you keep the players after they completed their gear.

D3 overdid it with powercreep so you had ludicrous numnbers of damage on your gear and life on enemies.

PoE needs to run leagues with new content so people keep playing.

GD did something similar to D3 with their last expansion. But they didnt pressure you to run only this endless mode for gear.

That in my opinion is a step in the right direction. Create some ways to farm gear and then one or two endless modes to test your gear/skills and personal abilitys.

Right now Martyr has the ways to farm gear.

Time to create something to test it (i dont coutn unholy cathedral in it, this mode is bugged since release in one way or another)

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4 years 363 days ago

Marcopolocs? Hi!

And thanks for answer.

My question was for the lvl cap. Do you plan to increase it in furure?

Warzone - lvl 99 cap.

Tarot - 111 lvl. In case someone will be able to update the cards.

Crusade - again, lvl 111 cap.

Coop... hope you'll fix it soon, but again 111 cap for player lvl 100

Leaderboards - sorr, not fan of such. But, for someone - yes.

Heroic deeds - almost all finished.  Have 650 hours spend here.

Prophesy - on waiting list )))

But again - will there be lvl cap increased? Sure you agree with me - beeng lvl 100 in good gear it is not "very" interesting to fighr npc lvl 70

I like your game - my 650 hours say it better other words, and I'm really feel upset while can not see what me to do after lvl 100.

4 years 363 days ago

There are various endgame modes in the game, like Warzone, Intel and Tarot missions, Void Crusade. It also depends on players what they like to do: coop missions, being on top of the leaderboards or being a protector of a system, completing all the Heroic Deeds and so. Challenges and Cabal missions are also regularly doable. 

As a sidenote, in case you are interested in the upcoming expansion - Prophecy - it also gives you the option to continue the story of the base campaign while fighting new enemies and so. 

Currently we are focusing on handling the various issues ingame, this is our main priority. Future plans on the game cannot be shared just yet. 

4 years 364 days ago
Dear Devs, can you, please, answer?

Many thanks in advance