List of bugs in Martyr: Patch 2.0.0b [PC]


Windows 10 pc, GTX 980ti, Intel i7 6800k using 1920 x 1080 screen res.

Using an Windows Xbox controller on PC

1. Can no longer interact with, or select, the long trapped chest (the one with the spotlight on it).

2. I'm losing 100 fate somewhat randomly while playing, it has got to do with one of the tarot cards I think, but I cant identify which one - out of all the bugs this one is annoying me the most - I've lost around 600 fate points to this glitch.

3. Renegade stationary cannons no longer work as intended, when you take control - you see another gun barrel appear - and when you try to fire the cannon, it moves down and shoots itself, should you destroy the cannon with itself - it then seems to work properly.

4. For some weird reason in Agartha Subsector, in all four of the System Views - none of the planets move around as you select the planet you want. (planet view and sector view work as normal).

5. Each time you speak to Omicron on the command deck the option to 'A [HOLD] SALVAGE' does not appear at the bottom information bar - also missing is the Salvage by Rarity as well, this tends to happen every time you first speak to him after doing a mission.  If you walk away and go back - sometimes it works as intended, other times you must savage something without the tooltip, and then return to him again.

6. On the ‘SALVAGE’ tag if you select the option to repeat tutorial pop ups - the bottom section after (A) displays ‘openworld.gui.crafting.salvage.tooltip...' and if you move over to an item in your inventory another bad text string appears.

7. On the 'Assignment result screen' (from priority assignments) the Reward screen shows the green XP icon for Glory - when it should be showing the orange Purity seal icon instead.

8. When completing a mission the ‘Quit’ tag overlaps the small reward window, this obscures the reward list, either the reward window needs moving down or the 'Quit' tag needs to move.

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List of bugs in Martyr: Patch 2.0.0b [PC]
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3 years 223 days ago

Point 1 and 6 fixed.
The 2. is still being investigated on our end.

The rest will be looked into, thanks for the report!

3 years 225 days ago
Also wanted to add that i didn't even realize using the tarot cards on missions used fate up. that came as a surprise to me when i realized it. I figured they removed that roadblock to leveling but apparently not.
3 years 225 days ago
I would like to add in with shard missions i have twice now failed on rescue missions without losing any members of the rescue. The game just randomly says i fail out of nowhere.

Would also like to second the loot box issue. The ones with light shining on them. Most of the time you cannot even interact with them. When you can only the trap ones trigger. the ones with loot drop nothing.

3 years 225 days ago
Same hear and for me wean I move the character camera shacks duno why and I have drivers up to date....