List of bugs


1) today i had got copies of all mine already known recipes, meme virus and some mind resets

2)blood rush perk does not working properly

3) i did not get entropine component for inoculator at 27 rank

4) needle rifle mark II has only 2 enchants when crafted.

5) i have changed execution button to x, but it still performs with f.

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List of bugs
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5 years 256 days ago
Yesterday i don't know if server was messy or something but we created a tarot mission with my friends. They accepted it and as we moved to the vote selection to start it and they voted yes after a while of loading a server error appeared and mission didn't load, needless to say we lost our fate. 

Thank you in advance

5 years 256 days ago
- When In Cover: Use Assault Jump pack ability as Crusader. When you land in a random spot it seems like your still stuck In-Cover (I use instanst click to cover ability from Gameplay options. Bound to Space)

- Copied recipes.

5 years 256 days ago
During missions where it can be picked up: The "Orbital Strike" shows 1 charge but can be used endlessly.