Line of Sight through doors


Been around for a while, and one of my persistent issues is being shot through an open door and not being able to shoot back, due to the camera angle not dissolving the wall to transparent until you are on the door threshold. this presents a gameplay situation where the player is able to take potentially large amounts of damage without being able to return fire, not due to lack of weapon range but because you cannot see the enemy to target them. this necessitates running into the room, absorbing all of that incoming fire, to be able to target and kill enemies, or kite backwards and "pull" enemies through the door to be able to engage safely. a more dynamic wall transparency regarding doorframes would be quite helpful in this regard, or at least the ability to see silhouettes of enemies in the area that would be in line of sight from the view of the inquisitor through the door, assuming the door is open. i'll throw a couple images below to try and illustrate the changes i'm proposing, with glorious microsoft paint :P a "cone" of transparency where the inquisitor's gaze would be, generated from the character model like the flashlight beam, would probably be effective, though i don't know your technical specifics and whether this would be feasible. something to chew on anyways.

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Line of Sight through doors
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