Level cap


After hitting 20  you start to level your account but  what is the  cap on that  level currently.  Mine  doesnt seam to want to go above  account level 4

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Level cap
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7 years 105 days ago

From the game files the current account level cap is 50.

7 years 108 days ago

yah min just popped  its like it doesnt update when your logged in because when i check  next i had half a level into 5.

7 years 109 days ago

hmm perhaps after checking I can see my exp increasing at levle 4, just really really slowly. So who knows. 

7 years 110 days ago
Airsick Hydra

Hmm, my Account Level says Lvl 7...

7 years 110 days ago

That's because it's the cap :)