[April Fools] King Arthur: Knight's Tale v0.4.1 Patch Notes



Early Access is all about trying out new things, so we've decided to implement a few interesting changes to Knight's Tale. You can find a comprehensive list of these below, let us know what you think! Please note that these changes will go live in the next content patch - release date TBA.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale v0.4.1 Patch notes

New units: The Inquisition

  • Spanish-speaking individuals with futuristic armor will now unexpectedly show up during missions. They seem to be curious about heretics... Definitely invite them to join your party.

New Item: Coconut shells

  • Allows faster travel on maps.

New debuff: 'Tis but a scratch

  • Heroes suffering from this have all their limbs missing. You can still forfeit the mission and call it a draw.

Changes to Camelot

  • Camelot building costs reduced by 45% (It's only a model after all)
  • The Crypt is now renamed to Crypto. You can mine weird magical things in it with no use.
  • New building: Alchemist
    • Potions are now unobtainable, they need to be crafted instead.
    • Due to how new this is, only apprentice potion makers are available. Potion crafting may fail or result in creating poison instead.
    • Herbs can now be gathered during missions for potion crafting.

Enemy Changes

  • The Lost now respawn after 1 turn, and can turn your own heroes against you when they bite them
  • Banshees have a more audible shriek now, wearing earplugs is recommended when fighting them
  • Worm of the Earth and Burrowqueen now more likely to surface in damp and rainy weather
  • New boss: Just a harmless little bunny
    • An ordinary rabbit.
    • Also added a New Item: Holy Hand Grenade
      • You know what to do.


Hero Changes

General (All heroes)

  • The swing of Cleave attacks now has a 15% chance to inflict injury on yourself. Careful with those weapons!
  • Overwatch renamed to Watch over, to avoid confusion with similarly named hero-shooter.
  • Introducing Loyalty: You need to befriend your heroes before they go into battle with you. Small talk options and over 40,000 dialogues added.


Sir Mordred

  • Increased the number of spikes on his armor by 30%
  • Due to Stigma being overpowered across all stages of a battle, it is now 50% less effective
  • Introducing player customization options: Players will now be able to play as Mordred, Mordblue and Mordgreen (more colors to be added later)

Sir Kay

  • Sir Kay now suffers 40% more damage from enemy attacks and will die in about 1 turn instead of 2 turns
  • Renamed to Sir notoKay when below 30% Vitality

Sir Ector

  • Force bolt now costs 10 AP instead of 6. You can't use it.
  • New Arcanist skill: "Ever Green"
    • Arcanists can now learn the Ever Green spell to cast a temporary, 5x1 sized wall of crates, that can block all incoming attacks.

Lady Dindraine

  • Ranged heroes felt underpowered, Lady Dindraine now wields a minigun instead of a bow

Sir Yvain

  • Just like Lady Dindraine, Sir Yvain will also receive a small buff to his damage. Crossbow now fires laser projectiles, hitting and executing every enemy in line

Other Changes:    

  • Social distancing is now required in-game as well, friendly units need to be at least 2 tiles away from each other. Please be aware of this when assembling your party.
  • You can only enter indoors maps with helmet-wearing heroes.
  • Enemies within 2 tiles of your heroes now deal 2 disease damage each turn.
  • Fog is now about 80% thicker on foggy maps. View distance reduced by the same amount.
  • Hero skill points are now rolled randomly to allow for more replayability.
  • Reintroducing a number of bugs we've already fixed. Please send us feedback if they are not working as intended, we'll hotfix them as soon as possible.
  • To preserve historical accuracy, Knight's Tale will be presented in Old English language moving forward, including menus and dialogues
  • To be more in line with the titles of our previous games, King Arthur: Knight's Tale is now renamed to King Arthur: The Incredible Adventures of Sir Mordred - Knight's Tale - Early Access (will be renamed to Final Release once it's out)
  • You can now pet the crows



If you've made it this far: this was of course just an April Fools joke - a real patch preview will come shortly!

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[April Fools] King Arthur: Knight's Tale v0.4.1 Patch Notes
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