King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Patch v0.0.4 | June 10



patch v.0.0.4 for King Arthur: Knight's Tale is now live! This update is focused on Act 1 of the story, and contains new side mission maps, new playable heroes, all the remaining buildings in Camelot, new character management systems (Loyalty, Traits, an extended Morality Chart), and many various new additions. Some systems and layouts got revamped and further polished, combat and gameplay got further balanced and a lot of bugs got fixed. This is our second and by far the biggest update since King Arthur: Knight's Tale went into Early Access.

Due to the massive amount of changes - like the alteration of the story campaign and many more - your previously saved progress won't be compatible with v0.0.4.


  • New Buildings in Camelot
    • The Round Table is now accessible with available upgrades.
      • You can expand your active Hero list by unlocking new Hero slots. Those Heroes who couldn't fit into your active Hero list will wait your call into battle here. You can swap them any time.
      • Throughout your journey in Avalon you can find Court Titles which can increase your Heroes' loyalty towards you by bestowing knighthoods upon them. Make sure to use them well!
      • You can issue Laws now. Their effects are permanent until you change them, however, there is a limitation on how many Laws can be active at a time. You can receive various bonuses by keeping them active.
      • Decrees can also be ordered at the Round Table. You can issue one Decree after every mission but you have to wait 5 missions until you can activate the same Decree again. These can grant you resources and other valuable benefits.
    • The Crypt (previously known as the Burial Grounds) is now accessible in Camelot. This serves as the final resting place of those Heroes who fought and died on your side. Make sure to pay them your respects every once in a while.
  • New maps
    •  Act 1 is now fully playable
      • Three new story missions (Bridge of Sorrow, Whispering Cove, Heart of Midnight) added
      • New and redesigned side missions:
        • 10 side story missions
        • 5 random missions
  • Revamped Hero recruitment
    • Heroes familiar from previous patches now have their own story quests for you to complete if you want to recruit them to the Round Table
  • New, recruitable Heroes
    • Sir Balin
    • Sir Tristan
    • Boudicea
  • Traits
    • Traits are the various characteristics of your Heroes. You can use them to your advantage by experimenting with various combinations of your party. Traits also play an integral part in the decision of whom you should leave behind when you go on a new challenge as wrong combinations can negatively affect your party
  • Loyalty
    • Each hero has a distinctive personality. Settle disputes and grant favors to convince various knights to remain loyal to you. Some of them will observe your decisions closely, and some knights will even have conflicts with each other. It is your job to select Heroes that are the best fit for your goals (and each other) at the Round Table. The hero's loyalty is constantly changing through the decisions made by you – in certain cases, they can even leave the Round Table and turn against you.
  • New events
    • From now on, after completing missions new events will require your attention. Their outcome lay in your hands and your decisions can result in extra building resources, experience points and other bonuses, but be careful! Certain decisions can benefit you in some way but also come at the cost of injuries, the removal of traits or even permanent death
    • Certain events can increase your Morality points and the Loyalty of your Heroes
  • Added a Journal which can be opened on the Adventure map. Here you can access various things:
    • Story: The story of your journey in Avalon can be found here.
    • Heroes: Learn more about the backgrounds of your unlocked Heroes and the enemies of Camelot.
    • Lore: Are you interested in the lore of the Avalon? Here you can read about Sir Mordred, the secrets of Avalon and more.
    • Tutorials: You forgot about certain mechanisms and need to recheck them? You can do that whenever you want here.


  • Reworked the Minimap layout
  • Time acceleration is now available during battles. You can speed up the enemy's combat actions by pressing and holding Space
  • Your Heroes have two new, unique stats:
    • Perception: The higher its value, the more valuable loots will be sensed by your party during your adventures
    • Spellcraft: The higher its value, the more valuable magical loots will be revealed to your party during missions
  • During Deploy mode placing a hero onto a grid where another Hero stands will make the second Hero swap location with the first one
  • From now on some buildings in Camelot are needed to be constructed first to get access to other buildings
  • Those Lost units which rendered into reanimation state will perish once the last undead unit has been slain
  • Redesigned the Load/Save panel
  • Clarified the usability of the yellow Action points in its tooltip
  • Armour Breaking and Armour Piercing values added to Skill pop-up
  • Block, Physical Resist, Curse Token, Injury token icons replaced
  • Both the quality and the quantity of the offered goods at the Merchant were increased
  • Added Your Turn / Enemy Turn announcements during battles
  • New tutorials have been added
  • From now on the Minimap will rotate with the camera
  • The cost of your Heroes' treatment will depend on their level
  • The AP cost of all the active skills are now displayed on the Skill tree
  • Hovering your mouse on any item in your inventory will now highlight the corresponding equipment slot
  • New consumable item type: Scrolls
  • Some rare Trinket and Jewelry items can grant you active skills but their utilization is limited
  • Several new items and enemies
  • The Vanguard received a unique ability: Hide


  • From now on Healing Potions will be regularly sold by the Merchant
  • Healing Potions can be acquired more frequently from loot now than other Potions
  • Rebalanced several active as well as passive skills
  • Bear Traps now cannot be set up adjacent to enemy units
  • Several maps, encounters and enemy units have been rebalanced

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed an issue where some Heroes who joined us during missions did not have Healing Potions
  • Fixed an issue where the chosen party formation was not saved once we left the mission
  • Fixed an encounter in the Relic Thieves mission where a Hero could stuck to the wall and as a result players had to replay the mission to complete it
  • Fixed an issue where Sir Kay's Cleave skill could destroy the Bear Traps
  • Fixed an issue in the Cathedral where injuries were not removed from the Heroes properly even after completing the required number of missions
  • Fixed an issue in the Enchanted Tower where curses were not removed from the Heroes properly even after completing the required number of missions
  • Fixed an issue where if a Hero stepped into the range of the Moon Woman's Area of Effect fire skill he suffered consecutive damage once we moved with another Hero
  • Fixed an issue in the Blades in the Woods mission where the chosen Hero did not receive the extra skill point granted by the NPC nor did the amount of gold get deducted
  • Fixed the Game Over window's Load button which appeared if Sir Mordred fell in battle
  • Fixed the counter above the head of Lost units who were in Reanimation state. The counter did not move along with the enemy if a Hero knocked them back but remained on the same tile
  • In the tooltip of the Lost Skirmisher Reanimation ability 2 turns were displayed instead of 3. This has been corrected
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King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Patch v0.0.4 | June 10
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