King Arthur: Knight's Tale out now on Steam!


Updates to King Arthur: Knight's Tale have beenreleased. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (inon-line mode) is restarted.

 Patch v1.0 - FinalRelease | April 26

Thank you!

The gates of Camelot are opening, and we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who helped making this possible.

Thanks to every Kickstarter backer who supported us from the very beginning and made the game a reality. Thanks to our Early Access players who joined us when we took our first steps in Avalon and sent us invaluable feedback during these months to help making Knight's Tale better. Thanks to the Beta testers who provided input on the fights you're yet to fight. And many-many thanks to you specifically, for taking the time to read this short message and taking up arms against the Once and Future King.

To kick things off, let us share the game's release trailer with you! You might have already seen it over at IGN's YouTube channel, but even if you did, it's worth taking a look once again!

In case there are some unclear details about the game, make sure to check out this quick FAQ we put together. At the same time, if you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us over the Steam forums, or on our official Knight's Tale Discord server!

If you'd rather hear your question answered live, we've got you covered! We're going live on our Twitch channel on Wednesday, April 27, 4PM CEST / 10AM EST. As always, we've got lots of gameplay in store, but the Twitch experience wouldn't be complete without chat, so come and hang out with us! You can also submit your questions beforehand over at this link - we'll make sure to get to as many as we can. 

So without further ado, let's go ahead, take a look at Knight's Tale's final release update, and uncover Avalon's mysteries, shall we?

New Features

  • All 4 Acts of the Campaign are now available
  • Added several new side-story missions with recruitable Heroes
  • 33 Heroes in total waiting for your call into battle
  • Added 20 Endgame missions as well as unique bossfights available after the conclusion of the story campaign
  • New enemy factions:
    • Picts
    • Seelie
    • Unseelie
    • Fomorians
  • A completed, fully unlockable Morality chart
  • A completed, fully unlockable Adventure map with several POIs (Points of Interest)
  • Added a new CGI cinematic to the end of every Act
  • Added Localizations for the following languages:
    • French, German, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish, Simpl. Chinese, Polish as well as Hungarian
  • Numerous Challenges have been added:
    • Complete challenges to acquire unique, powerful Essences which grant permanent effects to your Heroes
  • Numerous new Events, many of which granting Morality points, have been added
  • Hundreds of new common, uncommon, relic and special items
  • Steam Achievements (50+) unlocked
  • Numerous new soundtracks while many of the Early Access tracks reworked


  • Revised and rebalanced all missions, enemy units and skills of Act1
  • Revised and rebalanced all the traits of the Heroes of Act1
  • Added an English subtitle to the cinematic intro
  • New Consumables (Tomes) with special effects (like "Resets a chosen Hero's skill points" etc.) have been added
  • Events appearing above locations will be available for 3 missions' worth of time. If you don't take any action until then, they will vanish. The remaining turns will be displayed on the event window
  • Heavy injuries received a separate icon to be distinguishable from light injuries
  • If a Hero is sent away in an event while holding a building title in Camelot, they get removed now from the position
  • Traits giving bonuses when a Hero holds a building title were dyed gold to be distinguishable from other type of traits
  • The Heroes' building titles will be displayed in the pop-ups of the Hero portraits on the Adventure Map
  • Added a field of view to the map and the minimap as well which points toward the direction of the camera
  • Revamped the objectives list
  • You can unlock any of the Heroes now on the Morality chart which will spawn a new side-story mission in which the Hero can be recruited
  • Numerous GUI-related improvements
  • Some Heroes received new Preset items
  • Added a Visibility Distance option under the Graphics settings
  • Added a Shader Quality option under the Graphic settings
  • Updated the Tutorials section

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed various crash issues
  • Considerably improved the general performance across all maps
  • Fixed an issue where Loyalty points were not calculated properly
  • Fixed an issue in the Fire with Fire mission where an encounter didn't trigger if we approached the location from a certain position
  • Fixed the Basic Physical Training upgrade which provided only 1 HP instead of 2
  • Fixed various typos and descriptions
  • Fixed an assert in relation with the Scholar trait
  • Fixed a string under the Game Mechanics tab in the Journal
  • Not every trait had their own tooltips. This has been fixed
  • Fixed various skills' missing sound effects
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King Arthur: Knight's Tale out now on Steam!
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