King Arthur: Knight's Tale -

Full Release in One Week!



Exciting days ahead, the full release of King Arthur: Knight's Tale is here soon, in a week! We were very busy finishing the game and can't wait to share the full experience with you.

If you're a Kickstarter backer, you should already have the Early Access version on Steam - if not, check your mailbox for a Steam key, or send a message to us and we'll sort things out - which will automatically update on April 26 to the full version. We'll share most likely early next week when this update will go live precisely on this day. So just in case you were wondering, you won't need a new key or anything else, just let Steam update the game files when it is up.

Regarding digital backer rewards, we haven't forgot about them, and you'll receive them via email (similar to the Steam keys) around the full release as well, whether it was a digital soundtrack, or a digital map or something else. Those who got the chance to name an item or an NPC in-game, and replied back to our requests with an item/NPC name, will see theirs in-game also in the full release. We'll only spoil them if you really want to see the items in advance, in this case message us and let us know.

As always, you can find us on Discord all the time (especially now during the release period), and feel free to DM us here or on any of our social sites if you have questions regarding the game or the backer rewards.

Avalon awaits!

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King Arthur: Knight's Tale - Full Release in One Week!
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