King Arthur: Knight's Tale

Classes of the Round Table


King Arthur: Knight's Tale will be released in less than a month, so let's review what kind of unit types you will be controlling - more precisely: what are the various benefits the knights will bring to the Round table?

During your quests, you will meet some of the best known heroes from the Arthurian myth. Some of them have unique personality traits and skills, and depending on their personal history and morality, they can be loyal or reluctant. But generally, when you’re assembling a party, you should know how the different classes fare on the battlefield.

This classes are the following:


These warriors can withstand more hits, so they are acting as protectors, using their abilities to defend other characters as well. In turn, they're not as skilled with a weapon, their hits deal less damage.

Sir Mordred himself is a Defender, but another good example is Sir Pelleas, a protector of the downtrodden, acting like the embodiment of the very idea that led to the birth of the Round Table in the first place.


If you want to deal more damage, the Champion class might suit you! They can penetrate enemy defenses like no other, striking enemy units with great power. This also means that their defense stats are mediocre.

A notable Champion of the Round Table is Sir Kay, the late King Arthur’s foster brother. In Avalon, he continued to act as Arthur’s seneschal in his absence, and most of the knights treated him like their leader.


You don't have to let your enemies close. The Marksman can target distant units, taking them out effectively, and they're quite agile as well. But as soon as they get in a melee situation, they're in trouble!

A good example is Sir Yvain, who is prone to find himself in the middle of the strangest adventures – one of those quests earned him the nickname “the knight of the lion”, when he rescued a lion from a dragon, gaining a loyal companion for many years.


We also believe in the element of surprise: these combatants can hide and set traps to gain an advantage in the battle. If necessary, they can hold their own in melee combat as well.

Sir Tristan is one of the vanguards: the former troubadour knight now looks like a shadow of his former self, but he hasn't lost his skills, his bravery and the urge to fight for lost causes. His legendary affair with the fair Lady Isolde might have been the result of a misplaced love potion, but that doesn't change anything about their romance.


These mages invoke ancient powers - their area of effect offensive spells and curses can weaken enemy combatants quickly. Since they're not warriors, they are very vulnerable in close combat.

A notable Arcanist in this game is Merlin, an ageless, mysterious presence who has been haunting Britannia since time immemorial. He is an enigma, a power that cannot be controlled, a wanderer with strong ties to the Lady of the Lake.


These wizards fare somewhat better in a melee situation, but it's not really their specialty. In selfless acts, they elevate others, using boosting spells to strengthen allied combatants.

Sir Leodegrance, for example, is a competent Sage. In Avalon, Leodegrance remained true to his rightful ways but he began to delve deeper into the mysteries of the Sidhe, gathering knowledge in the ancient shrines of the Fair Folk and using his new powers to protect the new Camelot.

The full version of King Arthur: Knight's Tale will be released on April 26, 2022. An Early Access version featuring the first act is available now on Steam!

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King Arthur: Knight's Tale Classes of the Round Table
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