Is there any website or manual for this game yet?


Just looking for a website, Fan base or not, that shows the skills info for each class with what they do.  Also a tips and tricks page or helpful guide on controls would be nice too.  I know the game is new so not very hopeful if there is one yet.  Thanks for your time!

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Is there any website or manual for this game yet?
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5 years 198 days ago
I remember times when manual came as a leaflet with the game.

We also have game devs who include the manual inside the game (when you need an information with the Assassin's Creed games, you find all the commands, even with examples sometimes, and more !).

And you have games where you have to discover. And face poor translation when you have some details. Even translated details for perks unlock suffer very low level of translation.

@KORVOATTANO‍ thanks for the links, it may help several players ;)

5 years 199 days ago

Well, is where I always go first for such things and never was disappointed so far.

You'll find the "guide" for Inquisitor Matyr here:

5 years 344 days ago
Its not really what your looking for, but I have found AirsickHydra on youtube to be the best place so far for guides, information, tips and tricks etc. "Hey lets talk about games" 
5 years 345 days ago
I have one major tip for the controls:

Remap them completely to what feels most natural to you... sounds obvious, but some people underestimate how customizable these controls are and how much of a difference this can make.

For example, I found the 1,2,3,4 keys for the skills extremely unergonomic due to the fact that you constantly need to use them, and my left hand is used to resting on WASD, so it's quite a stretch to constantly reach for those number keys.

Now with my hand being perfectly used to resting on WASD, I just went ahead and remapped the entire skill keys as follows:

  • Skill 1 and 2 obviously are the only ones you cannot improve upon, they are still LMB and RMB

  • Skill 3 and 4 are now Mouse Button 4 & 5, the Forward&Back navigation thumb keys that most "gaming" mice have.

  • Skill 5 and 6, i.e. the skills that come from your armor and Psy Focus, etc, it's A and D -- for assassins, this would conflict with the dodge mechanics, but otherwise these keys are free and I don't plan on rolling an Assassin either way.

  • The Inoculator has been mapped to W, so that now I have all those things instantly reachable in the most comfortable positions possible, and this actually immediately lead to a noticeably improved reaction time and thereby better odds of survival, plus the left hand wasn't as stressed when gaming for longer sessions at a time.

Maybe this way works for most people, maybe it's just me, but whatever the case -- the message is map those features you use the most to keys you are most comfortable with, and it'll make for a smoother, less distracting and less taxing gaming, especially for those longer sessions.

5 years 345 days ago
Thanks for the info. I check out the sites and the video.
5 years 345 days ago
Wow ... Can't do better x) ...

Just add ( not publicity but i found his video usefull and well made ) ... the video of AirSickHydra on YT if you understand well EN ^^

5 years 345 days ago

Purge the unclean!
Burn the heretics!
Here, now you know everything you need to know.

5 years 345 days ago
Blimey Game manuals are a thing of the past, I've not seen a game manual in years, i used to really look forward to reading the game manuals, 
5 years 345 days ago

There is none atm, the wikia only has a few and often perk/skill info is incorrect, since it was not updated from the 1.0 live version.

For skills the only reliable way atm is to check them ingame, but be aware that there are quite a few bugs, missleading skill infos.

Here are the current resources i know of: stats list/builds item stats

Happy slaying!

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