Is all suppression damage created equal?


So I have been trying to test to see if I can have Maelstorm do a significantly high amount of suppression damage to quickly drain elites. Theoretically, it does 2x suppression damage, I have the skill to get 50% more from armor piercing attacks and I have the rune that gives 50% more suppression damage.  So this means that if I have an autopistol with a dps of 220 and Maelstorm is 220 dps the Maelstorm should drain suppression at at least 50% - %100 faster rate than the auto pistol. If nothing else then I should see Maelstorm remove suppression faster than health. In my testing I haven't found this to be true....

1. The autopistol drains suppression faster than Maelstorm.

2. The enemy dies before their suppression is drained when suppression is equal to health.

Can someone help shed some light on this and explain how suppression damage is supposed to work and if I missing something crucial here? Should I just give up on trying to drain suppression using the only psyker skill that boasts 2x suppression?


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Is all suppression damage created equal?
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5 years 322 days ago
This is what I am assuming, but was hoping that someone could clarify. It would explain why the flamer for the Crusader can burn down suppression, as it is based on the rate of hit, not the amount of damage the skill does (which is not intuitive at all).

Unfortunately, I haven't found a psyker skill that actually fires fast enough to make the suppression damage buffs worth it over just using an auto pistol.

5 years 340 days ago
I assume so, but was curious if anyone had done any testing to confirm these things. Honestly my crusader can burn through someone's suppresion in an instant with high suppression weapons, but when I use warp powers it seems to take forever.
5 years 346 days ago
Potentially suppression damage of weapons is an unlisted value that is not equal to their damage? You'd get these results if suppression damage is being worked out using a different value per-shot, because the autopistol fires a lot faster than Maelstrom right?