Invisible mouse on start Keyboard unresponsive


Ok so it's been a year (at least)  since I played deathtrap. but i came back to it and updated it to play.  It SEEMS now it requires an x-box controller to play.  The main menu is labeled with x-box buttons and the mouse is invisible.  I don't have any controllers plugged in, but I tried to plug in my ps4 controller that I use all the time with rocket league and it won't accept any input.  The mouse I know is invisible because I can move the mouse and click randomly and it went to a tutorial screen.  On this screen, the mouse is visible, yet still xbox buttons all over the place.  No matter where I click or what keyboard or controller buttons I press, it won't progress any further.

A little help pls?  I used to only play it with kb mouse and I've never owned an xbox controller.  Not sure what or how anything changed.

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Invisible mouse on start Keyboard unresponsive
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5 years 243 days ago

I fixed it.

I use a windows service called "SCP DSx Service" for psx controllers.  I had to Stop the service for the mouse to come back and the game to stop prioritizing controller controls over mouse and keyboard controls.