Inquisitor - Prophecy:

Out now on PS4 and Xbox One



The prophecy is finally fulfilled, as Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Prophecy has been released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! This massive expansion adds a whole lot of content to Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr, including a new campaign and a new class. 

Check out our detailed FAQ for consoles for more details on this release.

Main features

  • New Class: Play as a Tech-Adept Inquisitor. Summon and enhance units to help defeat enemies and complete investigations. This new summoner class comes with new unique abilities and mechanics, a unique skill-tree and various new melee and ranged builds.
  • New Campaign: The story of Inquisitor – Martyr continues in three new chapters, with one chapter solely focusing on the Tech-Adept, as its story slowly ties into the main plot.
  • New Environments: Players can discover huge monasteries, hazardous factories, unforgiving deserts and ruthless worlds engulfed by lava and volcanoes.
  • New Enemy Races: Inquisitor – Prophecy adds the Eldar and the Tyranids as new enemy races.
  • New Gameplay Mechanics: Inquisitor – Prophecy is based on Inquisitor - Martyr’s 2.0 update, bringing the base game’s new level cap, redesigned loot-system and leveling, its new end-game, the co-op campaign mode, new items and a much faster, ARPG-focused gameplay to the new expansion as well.

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Inquisitor - Prophecy: Out now on PS4 and Xbox One
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2 years 38 days ago
This comment was deleted 2 years 38 days ago by Marcopolocs
2 years 175 days ago

new DLC will be released

2 years 276 days ago

Sefvidor en mantto??

2 years 353 days ago
Edit, I just got credit for last week when we finished the first mission of this week’s. Very confusing, but it seems to be fixed now. Thanks.
2 years 353 days ago
Unless I’m misunderstanding the ranking, I think my cabal missions are still stuck. Can a dev please look into my account? 
2 years 353 days ago

So, my cabal’s missions reset today, but the old missions still haven’t processed or given credit. I think this happened last week too. is it stuck or are there two different reset times for new cabal missions, and credit for the last week’s?

2 years 356 days ago
That would be great, if you consider a tweak. Thanks.
2 years 358 days ago
The modifier will not likely to get removed but we may adjust it a little so it won't be as punishing as now. Cannot promise anything though.
2 years 359 days ago
Any chance we could get rid of the No Crits modifier? It ruins whole builds. Even “crits only proc haf as much” would be much better. No Crits is manageable at level, or maybe even up to +5ish, but when one rolls a NoCrit mod on a +11 void crusade map, it’s just like “Guess I’ll die now.” Lol.Its not just damage, it effects healing effects too. It’s awful....

Everyone hates it. Can anything be done? I can’t be the first to mention hating it. Can we do something about it? Please. Thanks either way. Enjoying the game.

3 years 4 days ago
I just recently started playing. After completing a mission I lost my level and lot. I feel like I was kinda jipped.
3 years 15 days ago
Server down? I can't connect the Server. And why i must go online for a solo game? 
3 years 16 days ago
@APACHE46R@DEATHHKINGHT‍ please let us know here via chat or in an email sent to [email protected] if you are still unable to log into the game. If yes please provide us your Gamertag/PSN and an email which we can set.
3 years 17 days ago
This comment was deleted 3 years 16 days ago by Marcopolocs
3 years 17 days ago
Acabo de comprar el juego y tengo l Mismo error con Crear La Cuenta con l Correo alguien sabe d Alguna solucion

3 years 17 days ago
SAME EXACT ERROR EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Tried five different addresses, one of which I had just created five minutes prior, and still no dice.

Please, anyone with some insight, help us out here.

3 years 17 days ago
I don't understand how to even get the game started on PS4. I go here to create an account like it asks, then type it in after starting the game but keeps saying in red text "this email is already used for account linking". Wtf, I buy a game from you and cant even start it??
3 years 99 days ago
@KERAPTIS‍ did you run into this problem with the Tech-Adept class? Or with other classes as well?
3 years 99 days ago

@OBSERVADOPT@ELIMRAWNE91‍ the Season Pass contains DLCs came out in the first year after the game's release. It contains 18 DLCs. 

Inquisitor- Prophecy is an expansion pack with a new class and a new campaign, much bigger than our previous DLCs.

3 years 99 days ago
Having an issue where when I invite a friend the game goes out of sync and becomes unplayable. In single player it works fine. This only started after the last console update
3 years 103 days ago
Posted by ElimRawne91 3 years 103 days ago
So I bought the pass and still have to pay for this expansion? 
2x.   I have bought the game with the season pass why the hell this expantion appears not free????? This guys are joking with us??  well never buy games from this devs anymore,  warhamner good bye.
3 years 103 days ago
So I bought the pass and still have to pay for this expansion? 
3 years 106 days ago
Thanks, we corrected this!:)
3 years 107 days ago
3 years 109 days ago

"ARPG-focused gameplay to the stand-alone expansion as well." 

Stand alone in what way? The Prophecy content on console requires the base game to play it? So how the bugger is it stand alone!!!!!???? 

For it being tied to the base game the content should be far cheaper than the PC price but it is not!

3 years 109 days ago

Still no bug friend joining correction