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As you had a lot of questions after yesterday's announcement, we decided to collect the most frequently asked questions about Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Prophecy, and answer them directly.

When is the stand-alone expansion coming?
Inquisitor - Prophecy is coming to Steam on June 30, 2019.

How much will the stand-alone expansion cost?
It'll be $24.99 on PC. Those who own a copy of Inquisitor - Martyr will receive a -30% off the price of Inquisitor - Prophecy (this discount will be available for a month).

Will there be a new playable class?
A new playable class is coming to Inquisitor - Prophecy: The Tech-Adept Inquisitor. It's a summoner class with new unique abilities, a unique skill-tree and various new melee and ranged builds.

Will there be new story chapters?
Yes. Inquisitor - Prophecy will continue the story of Inquisitor - Martyr with three new chapters. The first chapter will be exclusive to the Tech-Adept as an introductory chapter to the new class. In it, the Tech-Adept catches up to the story of the base game. The second and the third chapters will be available to all classes, but Crusaders, Assassins and Psykers will be able to play these once they finished Inquisitor - Martyr's story campaign.

Will there be new map settings and races?
Several new map settings will be added: Giant monasteries, factories, or a desert setting, just to highlight a few - all fateful to the grim dark world of the Caligari Sector and Warhammer 40,000. We'll also introduce two new races: the Eldar and the Tyranids.

What other new features will be exclusive to Inquisitor - Prophecy?
Besides the new class, new story chapters and new settings, we'll introduce a new subsector, new items, passive skills and new perks. Besides these, all the gameplay changes and additions coming to Inquisitor - Martyr's 2.0 patch will be included in Inquisitor - Prophecy as well.

What other new features are coming to both Inquisitor - Prophecy and Inquisitor - Martyr?
All the Patch 2.0 changes will be part of Inquisitor - Prophecy as well. The full list of changes can be read here.

What will be the level cap?
Inquisitor - Prophecy's level cap will be 100. The level cap increase is coming with patch 2.0, so it will be the new level cap for Inquisitor - Martyr as well.

Will it be possible to play Inquisitor - Prophecy without buying Inquisitor - Martyr?
Yes. Inquisitor - Prophecy is a stand-alone expansion. While the story is the continuation of Inquisitor - Martyr, the base game is although recommended, but not required. You'll be able to play Inquisitor - Prophecy without Inquisitor - Martyr. This way, you'll be able to create a Tech-Adept and play through all three chapters of Inquisitor - Prophecy and reach its end-game content. You'll have access to the open world, random missions and end-game content, but not to the other three classes and the original story campaign. Those require Inquisitor - Martyr.

Will it be possible to play through Inquisitor - Prophecy's new story with the three original classes?
The first chapter of Inquisitor - Prophecy's campaign is only available to the Tech-Adept. It is an introductory chapter to the new class that shortly ties into the story of the Alpha Pariah. The following two chapters are playable with all four classes. But since the three base classes pick up roughly where they left off, you can only play through these remaining two chapters with a Crusader, Assassin or Psyker, if you have Inquisitor Martyr and finished Inquisitor - Martyr's campaign. Seasons will be available to the Tech-Adept as well, and will be part of both the base game and the stand-alone expansion, as additional story content.

Will I understand Inquisitor - Prophecy's story without playing through Inquisitor - Martyr's campaign first?

During the Tech-Adept's introductory missions, there'll be a proper explanation of the events of Inquisitor - Martyr. So if a Tech-Adept is your very first character, you'll be briefed about all the previous events. Regarding the other three classes, you'll need to finish Inquisitor - Martyr and experience its story campaign first.

What will happen to my Inquisitor - Martyr characters when Inquisitor - Prophecy is released?
Characters made in Inquisitor - Martyr will be adjusted to the new 2.0 rules and mechanics. Players who put time and energy into their Inquisitor - Martyr characters will be able to continue their progress with adjusted 2.0 stats and mechanics and/or use these characters to continue the story in Inquisitor - Prophecy, if they have the expansion pack.

Will it be possible to form a co-op party between Inquisitor - Martyr and Inquisitor - Prophecy players?
Yes, with a few exceptions. If some members of the co-op party only have Inquisitor - Martyr, and some members only have Inquisitor - Prophecy, they'll be able to launch random missions together, without any issues. Tech-Adepts are exclusive to the stand-alone expansion, with their own story, so they won't be able to join co-op parties on Inquisitor - Martyr's campaign maps. And following the same logic, Inquisitor - Martyr players who don't have Inquisitor - Prophecy won't be able to join co-op parties on Prophecy campaign maps.

Will I be able to play DLC priority assignments from Inquisitor - Martyr in Inquisitor - Prophecy?
You will still be able to access and play the previously released DLC priority assignments if you have Inquisitor - Martyr.

Will I be able to use my cosmetic items (acquired in Inquisitor - Martyr) - in Inquisitor - Prophecy?

Will there be new or separate leaderboards in Inquisitor - Prophecy?
There will be one big collective leaderboard.

What languages will be available for Inquisitor - Prophecy?
The stand-alone expansion will support the same languages as Inquisitor - Martyr does, with English being the default language, and the other languages being added after the release.

Is Inquisitor - Prophecy coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One?
Yes. The console ports will be out a bit after the release on PC. We'll announce their release date very soon.

Will Inquisitor - Prophecy be part of the Season Pass on consoles?
No. Inquisitor - Prophecy comes after the Season Pass (which covers a year's worth of DLCs for Martyr only). Inquisitor - Prophecy is a larger expansion pack with a new playable class and a new campaign, and does not constitute a DLC. It will be available separately, as an expansion pack, and on consoles it's coming after all the Season Pass content is released.

Since it's a stand-alone expansion, how will my account and the game clients work? If I     have both games, do I have to exit Martyr in order to play Prophecy or are they integrated?
For those who own Martyr, the stand-alone packs will be integrated. You don't have to exit Martyr in order to play Prophecy (and vice versa).

Will items and stats of Martyr characters be carried over when 2.0 and Prophecy releases?
Yes. They will be adjusted to the new 2.0 rules.

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Inquisitor - Prophecy: Detailed FAQ
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3 years 228 days ago
Can anyone tell me how big the prophecy update is for ps4 I have Martyr I just need to know  because I have limited data cap.
3 years 261 days ago
How am i able to activate Prophecy on my PS4? I have bought it, the Addon is installed BUT i can't take the new class? If i choose him i get transferred to the store page, which is telling me, that i already have bought it. What kind of silly joke is this in 2020?? Taking money and still lock the content. GG Neocore!!!
4 years 103 days ago
Any update on the release for console for Prophecy?
4 years 205 days ago

Extra Skill points for Tech-Adept Inquisitor?

Is the extra skill points and attribute points offered from "Merciful Agony" station in the Chernobog system available to the tech adept inquisitor in the Prophecy expansion?

4 years 206 days ago

This game is in Japanese but it is a lie

Store items in the warehouse and disappear when sorting

4 years 213 days ago
Will there be a sale soon maybe?
4 years 223 days ago
Sooo much better with the update!!! I am actually playing again!!! Well done! The update saved the game!
4 years 260 days ago
One question remains for me: what is about character slots? at the moment there is a max. of 6, which are all occupied in my case.

Will with the integration of Prophecy, the number of character slots increase? at least 8? 

4 years 264 days ago
C'mon... you can't count servo skulls and footprints as DLCs...
4 years 265 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 4 years 265 days ago

Please note that the Season pass contains several DLCs - 14 has been released up till now and a few more will arrive soon as well. On the other hand Inquisitor - Prophecy is a proper expansion pack with a new playable class and new campaign, much bigger than our previous mission DLCs.

So just because it's a a large DLC (expansion) it doesn't justify being included in the year one of content even though it's being released in year one.

It's a shady business ethic that makes me wonder about future purchases unless you map out what is included in your season passes. 

Also I haven't touched any DLC as the game felt awful. I want to play it in 2.0 as you have now gone the right direction but for PS4 no doubt it will be released the same time as your "expansion" meaning I am already losing access to features which is normally everyone's understanding that that is what is included in a season pass. You pay to have expansions and so on included!

4 years 265 days ago

Please note that the Season pass contains several DLCs - 14 has been released up till now and a few more will arrive soon as well. On the other hand Inquisitor - Prophecy is a proper expansion pack with a new playable class and new campaign, much bigger than our previous mission DLCs.

4 years 266 days ago

I bought a season pass which they have stated in there forums contain a year's worth of DLC. They are now bringing out the prophecy standalone expansion which is not included in my one years free DLC.

This is in violation of trading standards as what they have sold to me is not what they have delivered. Meaning it is not fit for purpose.

An by right that is why I would like a full refund beyond my 14 days right to refund.

This sort of behaviour should not be allowed from companies backed by such a large and prestigious company like Sony.

This is what I have put for my refund request

4 years 266 days ago

So you named it inquisitor so legally you could get around not giving it to season pass holders?

You state season pass holders get a year's worth of DLC for martyrs only but the game was released in aug 2018. We are in June?!?!

just because you have done more work on it you expect to break your trust and bond with people who supported your broken game. 2.0 was finally going to get me back into the game.... This is shocking and I hope my 100+ purchased games on psn will help them understand loyalty.

Well I am going to report this to psn and get as many people as possible to report the same action by requesting a refund. 

4 years 270 days ago
Will there be new items added for existing classes with this expansion? Will there be new armor and weapon models specifically? That would be a big plus.
4 years 276 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 4 years 277 days ago

In Prophecy, players can play the campaign in coop so yes, they can play in groups with other classes.

Thanks for the quick reply, Marcopolocs.

There was no doubt, that all classes can play the Prophecy campaign in coop and that the current three classes can play the Martyr campaign in coop, but thanks for the confirmation anyway.

My question was aimed towards playing the Martyr campaign in coop with a Tech-Adept.  Can a player who owns Martyr and Prophecy and who plays a Tech-Adept join the group of a crusader, assassin or psyker to play their Martyr campaign in coop?

Or is the Prophecy campaign the only campaign a Tech-Adept can play, be it solo or coop?

4 years 277 days ago
As another user pointed out, Neocore is releasing a "formally" new game, because a DLC should have been included in the season pass...
4 years 277 days ago

In Prophecy, players can play the campaign in coop so yes, they can play in groups with other classes.

4 years 277 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 4 years 280 days ago

Players cannot play the base campaign with the Tech-Adept class. Its story begins a little later than those of the Assassin Psyker and Crusader. 

You should really reconsider that. I understand, that it would be strange from a story point of view. But I can tell you right now, that you will earn a lot of critics from players, that have Martyr and will think they can play Martyr with the Tech-Adept.

If you don't change that, will it be possible to play in a group with a Crusader or an Assassin in their Story campaign?

If not, then I will repeat should really really reconsider your decision.

4 years 280 days ago

Players cannot play the base campaign with the Tech-Adept class. Its story begins a little later than those of the Assassin Psyker and Crusader. 

4 years 285 days ago

Yes, I also think that it would be better to release like paid DLС extension for the Martyr. Having two games I have to switch between the desire to play for the mechanicus and re-run the initial company.

and there will be confusion with the co-op walkthrough of the main company. and constant jumping from one game to another.

and will there be the Tyranids in the Martyr? if not, then switch between games again.

It is very uncomfortable.

4 years 285 days ago

If I have both games can i use the new class to play the vanilla campaign?

4 years 286 days ago

I don't know...i'm hyped about summoner class and continuation of main story but i think its unfair both to Martyr owners and new S-A-Prophecy owners,S-A_Prophecy players will not be able to play old campaign, full owners will not be able to play old campaign with new class , and Martyr players basically paid 2.5x more for endgame content, I think it would be better solution to put discount on Martyr and release Prophecy as standard expansion.
Also this model is only encouraging me to wait for last standalone expansion to see how story unfolds.

This comment was edited 4 years 286 days ago by Frikoyozd
4 years 287 days ago


Giant monasteries, factories, unforgiving deserts, ruthless worlds, the Eldar and the Tyranids will be in Inquisitor - Martyr ? or this new Environments and Races only for Inquisitor - Prophecy ?

This comment was edited 4 years 287 days ago by Rigg
4 years 287 days ago
Yeah, I'm in agreement with most here. Making it a standalone seems like a weird choice. I'm pumped either way to get a Tech-Priest but I would want to have it to play with friends on the original Martyr's storyline; it doesn't matter if it doesn't make sense, playing with friends is a plus and means more active users and more copies bought.

The FAQ still isn't very clear as it mentions COOP but says there are exceptions and the English is worded in a way that makes it confusing. It says those owning the Prophecy pack can't join Martyr players Campaigns. But what if you own both? Can you then play the Tech-Adept in them?

The splitting up of the community from Prophecy to Martyr is also a dubious decision. That can't be good for the health of your game surely?

It's all a little confusing and as soon as you use the words "Standalone" it's obviously going to raise some concerns.

Either way I'm getting it; so you've got your sale. But I would rather wait for it to be re-imagined as a class-expansion for Martyr with it's own storyline but once the storyline is done the COOP side of the game is all connected with Martyr-only players. This has been done by many companies in the past; so it's nothing new.

4 years 287 days ago
Okay guys - you’ve not answered some key questions here;

1. Will I be able to play all the content of Martyr in Prophecy?  Such as my current lvl 72 Crusader, my progress in Warzones,  or are you asking your players to switch between Martry and Prophecy?

2. What happens to my Fate points?  Will these carry over to Prophecy - do I even need them for Prophecy?

3. Future Priority assignments DLC - will these be playable in Prophecy only - or will I be able to play them in Martyr as well?

4. Future patches for Martyr?  Will all patch support end for Martyr on Prophecy’s release?

You see, this is why a lot of us are upset by this very peculiar route you’ve taken with Prophecy - it’s such a strange decision to go this way - when a full expansion to the base game like this would have gotten me really pumped to dive back in, especially with 2.0 patch drop.

I can only assume this is financial and negative feedback based - but it my honest opinion I think this will make matters worse.

Either way good luck with the launch.

4 years 289 days ago
This i wonder too. Especially since the new class is only playable story-wise in the new campaign released with Propechy. The story was one of the biggest draws (if not THE biggest) in the original Martyr. I still think it's a major misstep to not include the new class in original Martyr. I realize that would mean new VO work, but that's all that's needed... 
4 years 289 days ago

Thanks alot for the news/update

We real do want to see this expansion  integrated into the main game  " like The new class is there but needs to be  bought>unlocked  in order to play it" 

We do not want to Exit   'n  start another game if we want to play it. 'n keep going back and forth :<.

Nothing is too late  " at least not in this  day/age "  <3    u can do it  'n made it integrated  if it is not yet.

btw,  is there a  season 3 story coming to the base game ? even if it is late after. 

4 years 289 days ago
And you haven't even given us the console release dates for 2.0 yet, so when the heck are we getting that? and when the heck are console owners getting this ? this is a MESS.
4 years 289 days ago

This basically answered almost nothing

I'm just gonna say this: If this is not integrated into the base game for those who own it (if i have to exit martyr to play prophecy) and my character does not carry over, or the new class is not playable in the original martyr. I am never touching this game again. Dawn of war integrated it's stand-alone packs if you had the original or one of the other stand alones. If you don't do this it's lazy and it's a F you to us fans.

-Prophecy better be integrated into original Martyr (do we who own Martyr have to exit Martyr and run prophecy to play it like a separate product?) in short IS it integrated for us ?

-New class better be playable in the original campaign IS it ?

-All items, stats etc better be carried over smoothly ARE they ?

these are my, and probably MOST owner of Martyrs conditions.

don't F us on this.

It sounds very make-shift and is a super weird decision on your part.

4 years 289 days ago
guys,how about the length of this expansion?
4 years 289 days ago
Hello friends ! thanks you very much for these greats new adds :) . Eldar andTyranid will be available in inquisitor-martyr at the realease ? (considering we buy the prophecy standalone of course) ?