Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v1.0.1 - June 8


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. During server maintenance, players will be unable to login.

This is the update that grants the Cherub in-game companion for all the players in our current database. Once again, sorry for the server downtime at launch, we are constantly improving server capacity and performance. As an additional token of our repentance, all players will also receive a 100% XP bonus consumable that lasts for 5 missions. The Emperor Protects.

New Features

  • Added the Cherub pet for all players (at the time of the update).
  • Added a new Consumable that gives +100% XP bonus for the next 5 missions

Fixed Bugs

  • Assault Jump and similar skills are no longer getting stuck in objects
  • Glory Window now shows Week 1 properly
  • Fixed the Rank 10 popup falsely mentioning an unlocked perk slot
  • Morality Skill Trees are now working properly
  • Fixed numerous random starmap crashes
  • Campaign difficulty will no longer affect non-campaign missions
  • Cleaned up matchmaking window
  • Fixed a crash occurring on loading screens
  • Fixed a bunch of localization errors across all languages
  • Fixed Merciful Agony not showing up properly for everyone
  • Fixed some lights not attaching to pillars properly
  • Fixed helmet isssues with the Aetherwalker armor
  • Numerous controller fixes
  • Title screen now closes credits properly
  • Fixed Inoculator/Perk slots on Levelup windows
  • Fixed Heroic Deeds: Magos Biologis, Master of War, Caligari Pilgrimage
  • Fixed Endurance tooltip
  • Fixed duplicate Perks at the Perk list
  • Fixed mission rating displays on the Starmap
  • Textbox size increased for various localized versions
  • Fixed Psyker Inferno getting stuck
  • Fixed missing Tutorial strings
  • Fixed missing buff strings
  • Fixed missing strings at Feral Dogs mission briefing window
  • Fixed a "free customization" exploit


  • Added/tweaked melee weapon impact effects
  • Greataxe's whirling attack now has proper sound


  • Account names now have a minimum length of 3 characters
  • Passive bonuses now stack properly on the Battle GUI
  • Added a confirmation window for Equipment Customization
  • Removed tooltips from skin buttons
  • Added an error message for when players can't open the matchmaking window
  • Added an effect for the Blightbearer's summon skill
  • Refined Plague Ogryn's fall animation
  • New XP bonus effect added
  • Camera Angle adjustments
  • Supplies on the ground are now displayed on the minimap as well


  • Adjusted Nurgle Pustule Regeneration
  • Shrines now last for 60 seconds (up from 20).
  • Players can now interact with objects while in gas clouds
  • Telekinesis and Pyromancy now count as Ranged skills for the Psyker
  • Ironed out a bunch of difficulty spikes on Story/Challenge mode
  • Added some Supply boxes for tougher maps


  • Fixed a difficulty error with Co-Op
  • Co-Op stability fixes (new servers added)
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Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v1.0.1 - June 8
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6 years 30 days ago
Hi! Can I get the cherub? I bought the game on steam, but no patch, or just it already instaled when I got the game! Any options?
6 years 34 days ago
I just want to say that i really like this game, i just bought it today and to be honest that i always liked the Warhammer franchise (art wise) but i never played any games of it, but recently i bought a few and today it was this one, so yes....i,m new to this game.

You prolly don't care but i,m having a blast playing it so far.

Nice story very short.

6 years 34 days ago

@ Maunzinator Did you got a popup window that you got the pet (as in you could claim it)?

I did have both windows popped up and the xp thing was in my inventory and for the pet you have to select it in some device @ the command bridge go to the left thing with the cogwheel, and select it there, at first i could't find it either but over there you can.

6 years 34 days ago
just use mind reset..?

6 years 34 days ago
Thank you for the bug fixes, now please give us Skill respecs.
6 years 34 days ago

Hi! The game doesn't start. I install itt, update my drivers (nvidia), restart my pc. My pc above the minimum requirements. I start the game, there is running a second and nothing happen. When I start it (Warhammer_x64_11.exe) the steam library there is a message: WMVCore.DLL don't find please reinstall..... Anybody has some idea?????

6 years 34 days ago

May I suggest giving the supplies that lie around on maps, after opening supply/med boxes.... another colour?!

It wouldbe nice if you could distinguish opened and unopened supply/meds, without mouseovering on the minimap,
and I'd say colour would be the best choice here.

6 years 34 days ago
The +100% XP item is there, yet the cherubim is missing. That sucks, I really looked forward to it!
6 years 34 days ago
Great patch, but sry to say still having some issues with lag in coop and party's

6 years 34 days ago
What was that?

I just started the game again and had another patch?

...any notes worth noting?

6 years 34 days ago
I did a COOP mission, and got both items after. 

All good, thanks.

6 years 34 days ago
Yeah, I can confirm that neither items were there when I started playing after patch. Good thing that neither of these things stop me from playing so I can not going to rage about it.
6 years 34 days ago

Installed the patch, but i still don't have the pet or the +100% XP item.

Can you please give me those @MEGAPULL‍ ?

Thanks alot!

6 years 34 days ago
Verify your files, or restart steam. Should force an update. It will auto update, but it depends on your settings and when steam decides your client should check for new updates...
6 years 34 days ago
I don't see any cherub? Any idea what's up with that? Am I not eligible? *confused*
6 years 34 days ago
My game says wrong version, please update. Where do I get the patch? Would it not be easier if the game just update it self?
6 years 34 days ago

Hi, i have a steam version. I cant play, because  i dont know how can i update the game. Pls help me. Thx

6 years 34 days ago
Thank you. Keep up the good work.
6 years 34 days ago
downtime is "less than this long"

(it's up again already.)

...i like the patch speed. if maint's take 5 mins in the future i won't be complaining.

6 years 34 days ago
yea, a rough ETA on the downtime would have been nice
6 years 34 days ago

Also one more question of how long the down time is expected to last? Not comlaining its a good way to do it but i basically work all the time and have only now a few hours to game and I am seriously craving right now :D

Amazing game! Thank you for it! Better than ever expected, pure fun!

6 years 34 days ago
Nice work!
6 years 34 days ago
- No weird new design decisions that break something - check

- useful bug fixes and adjustments - check
- not overdoing anything - check

Looks like a good and solid patch. :-)

Now you only need to fix general performance compared to alpha.

...and I really do hope a few certain bugs from alpha are fixed already, I had tried to get info on them but could not, and it will likely be a few weeks before I grinded enough to test it myself. o.o

6 years 34 days ago
I agree. Getting the pet and the XP potion!
6 years 34 days ago
NICE, all those sweet fixing!
6 years 34 days ago

Was wondering the same as Intx, how much down time? 

just for info tho 

This comment was edited 6 years 34 days ago by mordum
6 years 34 days ago
sounds good :) extra xp for loose time. its fair :)
6 years 34 days ago

Expected downtime? Not looking for hard times. Just wondering if it is 1-4 hours or longer?