Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v0.8.0 - May 22


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. It is also recommended to delete any launch parameters you previously had (you can re-add them if they help again, but it is safer to assume everything works best without them). Please also note that the backend server might take up to 30 minutes to transfer to the newest update, during which time login will not be possible.

NOTE: Language support for French, German, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Hungarian will be added soon (in the next couple days)

Due to the drastic amount of changes within game mechanics, all accounts have been wiped as per our previous announcements.

New Features

  • The Account Level mechanism has been removed. Skill points are now gained in a more traditional way, by Inquisitorial Ranks. We felt that the two-level system was a bit too complicated, so we have reached back to the basics as everyone should be more comfortable with this method.
  • New Main Menu design 
  • Added the first iteration of the Morality System 
    • The Morality System will be tied to assignments and story events (in the campaign),where you will be prompted to make a choice that will push you towards"Radical" or "Puritan".
  • Added the first three chapters of the Campaign
  • Added 56 new perks. Some of them are linked to Heroic Deeds, and some of them are Influence Rewards.
    •  Warp Attunement - +25% bonus to Positive anomalies
    •  Artifical Organs II - +100% HP regen, +500 max HP
    •  Precognitive Evasion - Can't Dodge move anymore, but receive +10 Dodge
    •  Augmented Body II - Suppression Resist can't be lowered; HP regen remains 0, and can only be increased via passive Skills or       Inoculator
    •  Utility Harness - +2 max slot for Support skills, every Supply crate gives one additional Supply
    •  Feint Mastery - Deflect % is now applied as a damage bonus as well
    •  Berserker - While below 50% HP, every movement skill has its cooldown halved, and damage is increased by 25%
    •  Frenzon Dispenser - +10% Crit Chance, -10% max HP
    •  Survival Instinct Override - +10 Crit Strength, -3% Damage Reduction
    •  Keen Fury - After every kill, you get 1% Crit chance and 1 Crit Strength for 5 seconds. Stacks.
    •  Terror Tactics - When executing, you have a chance (equal to your Crit chance) to double your Executioner Buff bonus
    •  Blood Rush - +50% Executioner buff/Duration bonus
    •  Ad-Hoc Subjugation - Every Crit applies a Vulnerability debuff on the enemy of the respective damage type
    •  Stagger Exploitment - +5% Crit Chance and +10 Crit Strength to debuffed enemies
    •  Unfettered Marksmanship - 50% damage for sniper attacks while having high Suppression
    •  Unfettered Maneuvering - +20% move speed while having high Suppression
    •  Mind Fortress - While stationary, you gain 3% Damage Reduction per second, stacking up to 15%
    •  Adaptive Efficiency - 150% bonus to Overheat/Ammo capacity
    •  Attack Anchor - While stationary, you gain 5% Damage per second, stacking up to 50%
    •  Armoury of Zeal - Mines and Grenades do not consume charges anymore, but cost Zeal instead. Supply crates now refill Zeal.
    •  Deadshot - 20% damage bonus for rifles during Surprise
    •  Fluid Attack Strategy - Dodge-move gives a 50% melee damage bonus for 5 seconds
    •  Reign of Confusion - Gain +10 dodge for 5 seconds after a kill (does not stack)
    •  Regenerative Booster Gland - Gain a melee damage bonus equal to 50% of your HP regen after getting hit.     
    •  Perfectly Timed Attacks - Add +3 sec cooldown to skills with a 3 sec or longer cooldown, and also increase their damage by     50%.
    •  Opportunist Stance - 33% chance to reset weapon skill cooldowns with an 8 sec or higher cooldown after use
    •  Opportunist Stance II - 33% chance to reset weapon skill cooldowns with a 5 sec or higher cooldown after use
    •  Mind Rift II - +50% damage while at maximum Warp Heat
    •  Hazard Stimulation - Gain 2 Adrenaline when hit, and 1 Adrenaline when you dodge an attack successfully
    •  Persistent Attrition - +3 sec duration to DoTs
    •  Enhanced Attrition - +50% DoT damage
    •  Rapid Elimination Protocol - If an enemy is killed by a Sniper skill, the cooldown of that skill is reset immediately.
    •  Optimized Sniping Pattern - All Sniper skills apply a Sniper mark to the enemy. The mark lasts for 30 seconds, and stacks. It     gives a -3% movement speed debuff along with a 20% damage bonus to Sniper shots.
    •  Zealous Displacement - Personal Teleporter does not consume charges anymore, but costs 30 Adrenaline instead. Supply     crates now refill Adrenaline.
    •  Close Quarters Gunnery - +25% rifle damage bonus to enemies within Medium Range
    •  Inverse Warp Attenuation - While at maximum Warp Heat, the player heals instead of getting damaged after spell casts
    •  Warp Heat Dissipation - Every kill reduces Warp Heat by 1
    •  Psychic Supremacy - +2 sec cooldown to every skill, but every skill gains a +50% damage bonus as well
    •  Retrograde Psychic Dominion - The lower your Warp Heat is, the bigger damage bonus you get. (0 Heat - 100%; max heat - 0%)
    •  Force Weapon Mastery - Every force weapon attack gives a 15% damage bonus to force weapons for 5 seconds. Stacks up to   10.
    •  Psychic Boon - Double duration for self-cast buffs
    •  Warp Heat Rejuvenation - Every depleted Warp Heat point gives 50 HP and Suppression
    •  Psy-enhanced Warfare - Every attack with weapons receives a damage bonus percentage equal to half of the current Warp       Heat value
    •  Warp Heat Conversion - When Warp Heat is decreasing, you gain a 50% weapon skill damage bonus for 3 seconds
    •  Temporal Efficiency - Time Stop halves cooldowns and spells generate half as much Warp Heat
    •  Warp Resonance - Casting spells generates an aura-sized Battle Focus (unless the player is already within one). Every spell       cast within this area gains a damage bonus. Lasts for 20 seconds or until casting a spell outside the Focus.
    •  Power from Anguish - The lower your HP, the bigger is the damage bonus received by your spells (ranging from 0 to 200%)
    •  Psychic Escalation - Every spellcast gives a 5% damage bonus for spells, for 10 seconds. Stacks.
    •  Psychic Sequence - Every spellcast gives a 5% cooldown reduction for spells, for 10 seconds. Stacks.
    •  Psychic Channeling - Every active combat spell gives a +8% damage bonus to every other spell
    •  Attrition Feedback - Every DoT tick heals the player for 0.3% max HP
    •  Cull the Weak - 50% damage bonus to debuffed enemies
    •  The Art of Crippling - 50% to debuff durations applied by the player
    •  Warp Heat Diffusion - Applying debuffs reduces Warp Heat by 1
    •  Puritan - +15 Suppression resist per Puritan points
    •  Radical - 1% resource regen increase per 3 Radical points, up to a maximum of 100%
  • Added 29 New Heroic Deeds: (some of those will be hidden ;)
    • Versatile Operative (Hidden)
    • Storied Carnage - Get 10.000 Critical Hits
    • Greater Ferocity - Kill 100 enemies with Critical Hits
    • Legendary Carnage - Deal 20.000 damage with Critical Hits
    • Superior Cunning - Debuff 500 enemies with Vulnerability
    • Up Close - Kill 250 enemies with Ranged weapons within Medium range
    • Attrition Advocate - Apply 1000 DoTs
    • Executioner - Execute 500 enemies
    • Decapitator - Execute 10 Elite enemies
    • Well Prepared (Hidden)
    • Perfect Onslaught - Kill an enemy with 10 consecutive Skill attacks
    • Adaptive Disposition (Hidden)
    • Savvy Combatant - Kill 1000 enemies with skills with an 5 sec (or higher) cooldown
    • Evasion Specialist - Dodge 500 attacks
    • Patient Marksman (Hidden)
    • Well Supplied - Open 100 supply crates
    • Reckless (Hidden)
    • Combat Psyker - Kill 1000 enemies with spells
    • Custodian of Lore (Hidden)
    • Prudent Mind (Hidden)
    • Well Rounded - Kill 1000 enemies without using force weapon skills
    • Psychic Might (Hidden)
    • Metaphysics Expert (Hidden)
    • Anchored - Stay stationary in combat for 2000 seconds
    • Unflinching - Kill 250 enemies while under 50% HP
    • Psychic Barrage (Hidden)
    • Ultimate Focus (Hidden)
    • Imperious Devastation - Deal 5000 damage within 5 seconds with spells
    • Disruption Warfare - Apply 2500 debuffs
  • New consumables available - You can find these as a rare drop or a rare shop item. Mind Reset and Immediate Crafting have a significantly better chance of spawning.
    • Mind Reset: Awards 1 Skill-Tree Reset point. One such point allows redistribution of all Skill points that were spent on one specific skill tree.
    • Immediate Crafting - Completes all items in the crafting queue immediately.
    • Destruction Amplification - Bestows +50% Damage bonus for the next 5 missions.
    • Survival Enhancement - Bestows 1 additional Allowed Death for the next 5 missions.
    • Extreme Fortune - Doubles the chance of finding a godlike item in the next 5 Tarot missions.
  • Multiple new Assignments added with their respective plots, clues, cutscenes and unique game modes.
  • Crafting: Numerous new techs available


  • Completely reworked maps
    • Hundreds of new map assets including new decals, covers, objects, debris, lighting, effects, and more.
      • 17 new Storage objects; 14 new Storage Covers
      • 15 new Debris objects
      • 14 new Misc objects
      • 17 new Lab objects; 1 new Lab cover
      • 23 new Library objects
      • 49 new War objects; 37 new War covers
      • 57 new Ruins objects and debris; 92 new Ruins covers
      • 19 new Industrial objects; 33 new Industrial covers
      • 33 new Quarters objects; 5 new Quarters covers
      • 139 new Emblem objects
      • 83 new Light objects
      • 1 new Supply chest
      • 25 new Computer objects
      • 8 new Machine objects
      • 63 new Bodies/Gore objects
      • 15 new Effects
      • 57 new Blood decals
      • 45 new Nurgle decals
      • 116 new Mark decals
      • 11 new Acid decals
      • 21 new Dirt decals
      • 21 new Oil decals
    • Villains: You can now randomly find 1-3 of these stronger guardians on the map.
    • Commander: Commanders are holding fortified positions within the map, so approach carefully!
    • Hidden Area: There is now a small chance on each map for a teleporter to appear which takes the player to a hidden room where bonus loot and gratuitous carnage awaits.
    • Spoil of War: The former gamemode Spoils of War is now implemented in all gamemodes - there is a chance for a Spoils Chest to appear with a guardian on each map.
  • New Game Modes:
    • Silence the Guns
    • Bunker Busting
  • New Map Settings
    • Ruined City
    • Spaceship
    • Industrial Indoors
    • Hive City
    • Giant Rails
  • Multiple weather/atmosphere settings available for every map
  • Added background objects for every map setting
  • Monster groups can now aggro players on specific triggers
  • New minimap style
  • New Map Script: Broken Turret
  • New Map Script: Floating Mine trap
  • Refined Defense game mode


  • Added new videos for each new map setting
  • Major optimization/shader revamp
  • Numerous new player skill effects
  • Added numerous new cutscenes to the game
  • New chest effects
  • New teleport effect


  • Party members are now visible to each other at the Hub
  • Player nameplates on the Hub
  • Added chat bubbles above player's heads
  • Matchmaking stability and reliability updates
  • PvP renamed to Inquisitorial Training
  • PvP mechanism updates and bugfixes


  • More than 40 enemies received unique sound effects
  • Every animated object received sound effects
  • Added setting-specific music for all map settings
  • Added music for wave defense
  • Added sound for executions
  • Added 7.1 support
  • Added 7.1 atmosphere sound for all map settings
  • New chainsword sounds
  • New autogun sounds
  • New, final Psyker sounds
  • Replaced all Player character battle sounds
  • Engine type monsters got their sound effects fine tuned/replaced
  • Tons of new dialogue sounds added
  • Remixed and refined sound effects from stereo to 7.1
  • New vehicle sounds

UI Changes:

  • Revised Character Sheet/Inventory panel
  • New feature: sorting in the Invenotry (By rarity, by Power Rating, by type)
  • New feature: Sell All by rarity in the Shop
  • Chat block/unblock feature
  • Chat settings window
    • Change font size
    • Change opacity
    • Manage blocked players
  • New Morality Window and popup panel added
  • New popup panels for claimable Rewards
  • New icon for failed Datahunt missions

Misc updates

  • Players can now unequip their items
  • Removed camera tilt near walls and obstacles
  • New loading screens
  • New talking animations
  • Items can now be linked in chat
  • Missions can now be linked with chat
  • Cursor scaling now available
  • Caius Thorn is now awaiting in the Hub for those who indulge in Inquisitorial Training
  • 60 new item enchants now available:
    • Blind enemies based on HP loss
    • Godlike Zeal per kill
    • Bonus suppression per stun
    • Chance to summon on kill
    • Chance to give vulnerability on hit
    • Area damage when stunned/enemy killed
    • Chance to knockback and slow on hit
    • Chance to bleed on Blind
    • Damage against slowed, shocked, with chance to stun
    • Chance to shock per hit
    • Toxin token on hit
    • HP regen from missing HP
    • Reflect deflected damage
    • Deflect bonus after Shield Block
    • Chance to AP based on Deflect
    • Nova after Deflect
    • HP and suppress gain per Zeal spent
    • Damage reduce while in Green suppression
    • Special HP and Suppression regen
    • Chance to double damage/heal
    • Suppression gain and pain/deflect
    • Suppression per kill (Godlike)
    • Reflect damage based on missing HP
    • Damage based on missing HP
    • Heal on Crit
    • HP regen in execution bonus
    • Rosarius Force Field on Crit
    • Bleed on Crit
    • Zeal on Crit
    • Damage in execution bonus
    • Shock enemies on struck
    • Blind enemies based on HP loss
    • Shock on Crit
    • Slow on Crit
    • Double suppression damage on Crit
    • Damage for long, penalty for short range
    • More rockets in Demolition Armour
    • Zeal per kill
    • Chance to Flashbane (based on Deflect)
    • Bonus damage (based on Deflcet)
    • Area damage on Deadly Strike
    • HP regen based on Adrenalin
    • Surprise duration bonus after Stealth
    • First attack bonus in Surprise
    • Bonus damage in Surprise
    • Sniper Shot gains DoT (Poison)
    • Bonus DoT damage on skills with 5+ sec cooldowns
    • Bonus Crit in Surprise
    • Reverse damage based on Warp Heat
    • Reflect damage based on Warp Heat
    • Bonus damage based on Warp Heat
    • Chance to area damage based on Warp Heat
    • Warp Heat /sec (Godlike)
    • Movement Speed Gain after spellcast
    • Cooldown reduction after Teleport
    • Warp Heat reduction bonus
    • Damage reduce based on Warp Heat
    • AoE damage bonus to Spells
    • Chance to reduce Warp Heat cost
    • Chance to AoE in Force weapon
    • Damage buff for the next spell
    • Damage reduce based on debuff
    • Damage bonus based on debuff
  • New enemies:
    • Unbound Grunt
    • Renegade Militiaman
    • Mutant Rampager
    • Reborn Warmaster
    • Dozens of campaign NPCs
    • Dozens of unique assignment-related monster groups
  • The amount of Inoculator component slots are now defined by Item level instead of your Inquisitorial Rank
  • 2 new inoculator components
  • The basic weapon attack (left-click by default) is now usable straight after changing weapons
  • Adjusted skill tree backgrounds

Bug Fixes

  • Knockdown effects does not turn enemies who are immune to such effects
  • Enemies won't stay mounted in cannons and flamers if the player is out of range
  • Refined pathing AI
  • Numerous chat fixes
  • Inventory highlight fixes
  • Psyker cover animation fixes
  • Datahunt fixes
  • Cabal page is now refreshed upon member join/leave
  • Surrendering on the first tutorial now returns players to the menu properly
  • Numerous crafting fixes

Balance Changes:

  • Cover HP got significantly buffed
  • Players will receive their 2nd perk at Rank 15, and the 3rd at Rank 30
  • Lowered enemy strength in the third tutorial mission
  • Plagueridden's Strike area got refined
  • Adjusted Blightbearer's regen condition
  • Unbound Grunt received new skills
  • Reborn Warmaster received new skills
  • Renegade Militiaman received new skills

Controller Fixes:

  • Several bug fixes
  • Improved GUI control (revised Inventory, Store and Storage usage)
  • Improved highlight/targeting system
  • More intuitive Belt and Armor skill usage
  • Optimized Turret control
  • Chat button is now replaced with the Emote function
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Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v0.8.0 - May 22
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4 years 253 days ago
Ok so when you say the old levelling system has been removed and a new one is in its place, my understanding being that the old levlleing system meant that co op was really unrewarding in terms of hardly any gain in xp and gaining better gear compared to the single player campaign, does this new levelling system remedy that?

Thanks in advance

4 years 256 days ago

Thanx for the neww huge great patch...content is great so leep on adding new kind of map, kind of ennemis, etc....

Unfortunatly, this great game need to be really quickly moooooore optimised.

Thanks !

This comment was edited 4 years 256 days ago by Blackening
4 years 258 days ago

Change the language ... how do I do it? I do not see any option other than English.

4 years 258 days ago

OMG what did you do to Caius Thorn?!?!

His picture/video in missions looked awesome, BEFORE this patch!!!
Now he's not only incredibly ugly in comparison, low quality also, on top of that it's massively visibly not synced with what he says.

It looked awesome before this patch, now it looks like some bloody amateur did his first animation attempts. -.-

....why would you deliberately break something like that?!?

Also this whole thing looks like it's getting worse in every single step:
- logged in => mouse invisible on the game (working, but invisible cursor) until alt-tab out and in again
- first perk unlock (12 casts in 10 seconds or so) => perk invisible under "completed" per unlocks => also not visible in the characters per selection


4 years 258 days ago

Sorry to be late for THESE patch notes, yet, there are 2 things here...


Will there be another wipe on the "launch" of the game?!
... june isn't so far away, and it would be INCREDIBLY disappointing, if not say outright stupid to do things like grinding 5k fate ...again, only to have them wiped in a few days.
So, wipe inc or not?!

Removing the account leveling is stupid and even the explanation is half-hearted and not thought through,
sorry to say it that harsh, but that's how it is.

You still have the perks/attributes that are unlocked account wide, and that are partly incredibly grindy to get.
This is already an account wide leveling system!

Having an "Account Rank" ... what NOT clear about that?!

=> The only thing this changes, is that new chars are now more difficult to make, and the player is deprived of all the progress already made, especially disappointing for players who knew it differently.
And it gave you something more to link your characters to each other, giving you more incentive to explore other classes and builds, which is or at least should be an integral part of this game!

Hell, even D3 had something like this added later on!
(D3 is a shitty game that does not even deserve the name as it only takes the story of D1/D2 without being an actual successor of these games, but that's not really relevant here.)
And they had it for a reason, and it was good.

Is there anything more to say?
Well, yea, I just hope you'll revert that... which would be easy to do, even if you removed the account level part completely, by simply initializing the account level based on the cumulative experience of all characters on that account, to not have players start their account rank at zero while having high level characters.


I have no idea what you did with this patch to effect performance that way, but simply put:
- before this patch, everything ran super smooth on high settings
- after this patch, constant lagging even with everything disabled/low

This comment was edited 4 years 258 days ago by Tao12345
4 years 259 days ago
*sniffle* I'm so happy you said that. :')

You guys are doing AWESOME work. Do not listen to the naysayers, the Emperors Light shines upon you!

4 years 259 days ago
Posted by ChapterLibrarianSarpedon 4 years 260 days ago
I just want to say that I am incredibly pumped for this game. From everything I have seen and read, it is going to be fantastic. It seems like you guys are really committed to the game and I hope that continues after release. I wish the console version was going to be as polished as the PC version, but I am hoping that you will be releasing updates as needed. But as long as the game works for release, I will be happy.

Seriously though. Do not abandon console gamers after release, for the love of the Emperor.

I promise we won't abandon console gamers. :) The console version will be awesome - I can promise that too! ;)

4 years 259 days ago
This comment was deleted 4 years 259 days ago by Darths
4 years 259 days ago
4 years 260 days ago
Are the Perk effects not shown as buffs or are a ton of them not working?
4 years 260 days ago
I just want to say that I am incredibly pumped for this game. From everything I have seen and read, it is going to be fantastic. It seems like you guys are really committed to the game and I hope that continues after release. I wish the console version was going to be as polished as the PC version, but I am hoping that you will be releasing updates as needed. But as long as the game works for release, I will be happy.

Seriously though. Do not abandon console gamers after release, for the love of the Emperor.

4 years 260 days ago
Kudos to the whole Team on the huge amount of work that has gone into this. You all deserve much beer <3

Looking forward to seeing all the changes as i took a slight break for a couple of months, 

Guess i should jump back on that Hype Train now though.


4 years 260 days ago

Love the new map tiles, enemies, and encounter types in campaign. Two Issues I've had so far are difficulty slider on missions does not increase glory or fate and roll to cursor is gone from controls and needs to come back.

4 years 260 days ago
Are there executions against regular enemies now, or that aspect of game is still works only on bosses?
4 years 260 days ago
No, that's our release date. This is still not the final product, but the game is now in Beta. 
4 years 260 days ago

Didnt they say it was delayed to 5 June ?

4 years 260 days ago

Good times!! - odd question will there be another wipe at 1.0?

4 years 260 days ago
Great job! Can't wait to play with it :)