Inquisitor - Martyr:

Out now on Consoles!



The day has come, now you can download both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One version of Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr

In this Action-RPG you are an Inquisitor, the Imperium's most powerful agent. Choosing from three different background classes (Crusader, Assassin, Psyker) you take on the intricate heresies and Chaos infestations in the Caligari Sector, progress your character with unique equipment, skills and weaponry. 

Beside the main story campaign you'll find plenty to do, doing investigations and side missions both alone and in 4-player online co-op. What's more: console versions also support local co-op!

Here's the release trailer:

For the status of the physical editions and other information, please refer to this post or ask your preferred retailers. As for the digital versions, they are available for purchase on the PlayStation Store and the Xbox Store, both accessible through the consoles or via browser.

The game will receive more patches and content updates in the future, similarly to the PC version (free content updates, such as Seasons are coming to consoles as well).

So, fire up your favorite console, purge the unclean, and let us know what you think!

The Emperor Protects!

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Inquisitor - Martyr: Out now on Consoles!
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3 years 223 days ago
We can try to copy your PS4 chars and place them into your PC account but we cannot promise they will work due to various technical barriers. Nevertheless we will do that if you wish or if that won't work, we can add characters with the same level to you. Please note that Deed accomplishments and so cannot be copied. 
3 years 224 days ago

I bought the game on ps4, but I now own a gaming PC. Can I access my characters on PC if I purchase a copy?

4 years 36 days ago

What do you wish to reset? The Heroic Deeds and Perks you already unlocked? 

4 years 37 days ago

Wie kann ich das warhammer 40k Inquisitor Märtyrer Profil zurücksetzen damit ich bei 0% anfange und meine Fortschritte mir neu erarbeiten kann, 

habs bereits mit löschen / neu erstellen der Charakterprofile versucht und neocore games Homepage kann ich zu dem Thema nichts finden

4 years 86 days ago

you can download two DLCs coming out this month from the store! There will be several more to be released in the following year!

4 years 87 days ago
He's probably assuming its published by games workshop which is based in the U.K
4 years 87 days ago

Anyone know when the 40k inquisitor martyr season pass drops? I payed the 79.99+ for the imperium edition on xbox one. I received my emot, flaming skull trail and ship bridge statute but thats all I received. Haven't seen any major season pass stuff yet. On top of this it says I own the season pass when I go to the xbox store but it doesn't show up in my installed list. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling but that doesn't seem to help :(

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4 years 109 days ago
Neocore is Hungarian not UK based so not sure where your comment came from.  It is probably simply a publishing issue.
4 years 121 days ago
The Season1 is not yet out for console, the official release date is set to November but in case of changes we will naturally announce it! 
4 years 121 days ago
Hey guys! When did the Dark Eldar become available for the consoles. Just done a tarot mission i had to wipe out some xeno's. this not a complaint. Does this mean the new story content is coming sooner?  
4 years 131 days ago
I am kind of dissapointed with the current state of the game.

There are lots of game crashes that seem to occur at random, they occur in single player, multiplayer and even in base. I cant really give a reproduction because it is completely random.

Aiming is also not working perfectly, sometimes my character prefers to shoot the environment instead of the numerous enemies in range around me.

However my biggest frustration is playing in multiplayer in matchmaking, I am playing on PS4 pro in 1080p balanced mode and a internet connection of 500Mbit up/ down, but the framerate is just terrible and the screen often freezes for a second or two. 

Personally this does not make me want to play multiplayer anymore after playing for just a few days, a game should be fun and not give frustation. I have tried to play with all the interface options like hp bars and all the dmg numbers off, even tried to lower the PS4 screen settings to 720P but nothing helps :(.

 I can live playing with the occasional screen tearing however playing with this stuttering and freezing in multiplater is just no fun. How did this even pass QA at this state?

I hope this will be fixed somehow because playing alone is not as much fun as playing with others.

The single player exoerience is great apart from the screen tearing and random crashes but the multiplayer part should ve fixed so that it is actually playable and enjoyable, atm it feels more like a beta version.

4 years 136 days ago


4 years 136 days ago
Playing martyr on Xbox one 

Still some issues 

Listed as followed 

1. Aiming is very random been shooting at the void

2. Environment disappears instead of collapsing 

3. Have had only one execution 

4. Scenery flickers from time to time

5. Enemy firing at enemy has no effect 

Apart from the above really enjoying the game so far

Kind regards 


4 years 136 days ago
@ULGOR‍ ‍ 

Please provide your PSN/Gamertag and your characters' names as well!

4 years 137 days ago

So my captain van wynter is broken and I can't buy or sell anything,  that happened yesterday and today the star map broke so I can't even do missions bit disappointed 

4 years 137 days ago
BEST thing to do.. flame thrower bash in shift and move your mouse side to side when you get swarmed and watch the beauty <3
4 years 141 days ago
Sorry but the principal story is disappeard to me how can is possibile?
4 years 141 days ago
Thanks for the reply.

I have got used to it a lot More now .

My main issue really Now is targeting warp gates but besides that I’ve got used to the change although my jump pack does feel broken. With the jump pack it’s a bit too slow to target the area to jump too.

4 years 143 days ago
I can't start the game. When I try to make a character the games states I already have to many but I can neither start the game nor delete any existing characters. I've tried to re-install the game, delete the profile of the game on my ps 4 and nothing helps. I requested you delete my profile since I've just vasted 50£ on this apparently broken gam
4 years 147 days ago
Posted by Groznigrad 4 years 149 days ago
A new update was released for PS4 today for some reason my character now struggles to target enemies nearby . (Assault crusader) does anyone know if this is a bug or if this change was meant to be ?
The auto-aiming now works more like Diablo 3 aiming .. for example, you fight with your axe against an enemy in front of you but decide that its better to kill the enemy to your left, the auto-aim cant perfectly know what the target is that you want to kill, just walk/move your character one step to the left in the direction of the enemy you want to target and the auto-aim will understand and target the enemy to the left.

The new auto-aim works really fine now for melee characters ( did not test it with a gunner now ) its just that we have to tell the engine what to aim for with moving the character into the direction of the desired target.

Best regards.

4 years 147 days ago
It should work now please check on it!
4 years 147 days ago
just uploaded the new 2.7 gig patch, game now unplayable, having to uninstall and redo...hoping it works, was enjoying the game, now...not so much, if it aint broke, don't fix it neocore.
4 years 147 days ago

the game tells me error need update on press A tittle screen but I check for updates and no update is available even though I’ve been playing for a week already. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the game twice with no luck :( there can be no respite as long as the enemies of the Emperor still draw breath, but I can’t kill them, if the game won’t let me...

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4 years 148 days ago
There have been some changes made in the auto-aim feature. We will check if it works properly.
4 years 148 days ago
Would you please send a PM here to us? We will check on your matter.
4 years 149 days ago
A new update was released for PS4 today for some reason my character now struggles to target enemies nearby . (Assault crusader) does anyone know if this is a bug or if this change was meant to be ?
4 years 150 days ago
It doesn't matter how many time I delete the game entirely and reinstall this game continues to say content error and writing support is worthless still waiting on a response! How about this neocore I have had Inquisitor Martyr since alpha and it worked fine til release now I cant play it and I cannot get SUPPORT or a fix to make it work on steam, or a REFUND!!!! a little help would be appreciated.
4 years 156 days ago
When are you intending on adding limb dismemberment and destructible environments to the console versions? Especially the latter makes certain items next to useless atm. For example using the storm shield as a melee crusader is next to pointless at the moment when my character can even be stopped by a tiny tin barrel barely reaching the knee as if he ran into a 3m thick concrete wall? I wear power armor ffs, theoretically I should be able to charge through thin walls but as of now *nothing* is destructible except for cover (which - however - simply vanishes when it reaches zero durability. It's sort of game-breaking and not just a "cosmetic" issue)
4 years 156 days ago

Hello, Thanks for the great game! I'm interested when the problem with servers for Russia is solved. The information appeared that you will open a new server that is not blocked in Russia! I bought Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr Imperium Edition PS4 and would like to know whether or not the seasonal password is included in the addition Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr | Servo-skull, as this add-on I can not download and inactive. I wish your studio success with this wonderful game!

Thank you in advance for the answer, Dmitry.

4 years 157 days ago
When will the first ps4 update takes place aling with the start of season 1. Also, the game crashes ALOT on the ps4 pro but i LoVE the game nonetheless. I am looking forward to future content and i do believe this game can and will be great in the future. Fix the bugs, more loot, more enemies, and different maps and this can be a amazing arpg. Love yall guys at neocore and thank u for all ur hard work. 
4 years 158 days ago
Follow up on earlier Post.  Still love the game!  I did play multiplayer, with 4 players, the game lagged toooo much.   I'm looking forward to the fix.  Recommend Drop in and out and make it possible for another person to join me on the STORY missions...they are really good.   I would like to experience the TEAM work and variety of two different Inquisitors gett'en after it!  The game concept and design, for me, make it better than Diablo; however, with its lagging, and non-online coop in story mode, this makes it a deal breaker for my Family/Freinds to join me.   

* I love the variety and non-profanity filled game play from the characters, very refreshing and the Story is Good and the Gothic Music... is a HOOK of goodness!

* I'm looking forward to the fixes.

Thank you.

4 years 159 days ago
The game is kinda fun at least more so than alienation which is kinda in the same genre. The problem is that it's so buggy. Multiplayer is almost unplayable, due to lags, and single player campaign bugs out at the van wynter's legacy mission. Hell I'm even okay with the crashes now and then having to restart the game or mission halfway through. But at least fix the issues where players can't proceed! 

After buying the CD in June and waiting for the official release in July, only to have the release date pushed to August and then experiencing this game breaking bug, I'm afraid I'm disappointed in the producers. I had faith in the team but was sorely let down by the numerous issues on console. 

Get it together guys. Don't spoil a great concept and all the work you've put into it because you can't listen to the players. 

4 years 159 days ago

why Hotfixes 1.1.0b have no 70 levels of equipment?

4 years 159 days ago
I genuinely love this game, I had followed it some on early access when it was on the pc,  but I had wanted to wanted to wait until I felt a little more comfortable  with the reviews and whatnot.....

I had no idea this game was coming to consoles.....when I finally realized that it had just released on ps4, I pulled the trigger on it.

And I am sooooooo glad that I did, I’m tnot one that is very familiar with the war hammer university uue, but I have ralways been intrigued by it....just never thought I would be an eble to jump right into it, I thought I would be lost in the void and light years behind everything else.

YyBoy was I wrong!!!!

If you see this post, please don’t make the same mistake I did, because hands down this is one of the coolest and best arpgs I’ve played

It is so different that what we’ve become accustomed to, they have many many many aspects of the game, choices, branching and in depth skill trees, so many perks and unlockables, each class plays amazingly welll, and each one is different  and fun.

I truly love the game, I love the levels, the design, the systems in place  the loot and the enemies, I love it all. 

My only issue is, and the only thing I’m afraid of is the always online, now to me, personally I play the game solo and play every other game solo as well, I understand the concept of the always online, however

Take marvel heroes for example, great arpg, I thought so, so I purchased every character unlock they had to support the game and team,  but when they no longer made money, they shut the servers down and the game is literally gone forever. The money and time spent,  nothing to show....not to mention a gaping hole in my chest where one of my long time favorite games and designers just up and vanished one day.

I truly don’t want to love this game, but I do, and I am afraid the same thing will happen in the end, and the years I’m going to spend on it will mean naught.....please or there is a way, after y’all have done talks thing, find a way to make the game offline before taking the servers offline forever, this is truly a game I want to teach my kids how to play when they get old enough.

Anyways rant and newfan girls thoughts over, ty for listening.

In short, buy this amazing gem, well worth the money (worth more IMO) amazing quality, all the way around.

Keep up the amazing work NEOcore

4 years 159 days ago

Managed to get a solution to the bonus content problem in case anyone else is experiencing the same, delete the bonus content and redownload it from the Xbox store as opposed to the ready to install list. This sorted it for myself anyway and may work with other people.

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4 years 160 days ago
Got the game at launch and I love it. Already have 2 level 50s and 2 well on there way. When can we expect season 1. The targeting can be annoying but is well worth playing this game. I am very excited to see what's in store. And even more excited to face off against the dark eldar. 
4 years 161 days ago
All versions are available digitally on PS4, but only the standard version is retail. I was disappointed because we didn't get the steelbook edition in the US.
4 years 161 days ago

The theme is now available on PSN

4 years 161 days ago

HP Graphic Box above Enemies.  Is there a way to remove this?  It is very large.  I don't believe it is necessary.  It takes away from the action in my opinion.  Is there a way to remove it completely?   Maybe I'm missing something in the "set up" but i have most everything unchecked.   I think its my only gig on this GREAT GAME!    Keep up the good work TEAM.

4 years 161 days ago

Any idea how to equip the bonus content from the Imperium edition? I've progressed far enough in the story where I can access the area to equip it but when I go to it shows as not available, the items are definitely installed so that's not the issue. Im on Xbox one if that helps. Any suggestions would be welcome, on a side not i've been totally loving it so far ill just be slightly annoyed if I cant get the bonus content after paying extra for it.

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4 years 161 days ago
I have a beef with this, Granted I have the game on PC but we have an xbox one in the house, can you explain to me why nothing but the standard version is available for it in the US market? Seems like a huge share to leave out of the revenue stream to me. Or is this another example of a UK company not allowing American's access to the really good biscuits as you'd call them?
4 years 162 days ago

hello bought the game on xbox one x no connection to the server from the 23rd day I'm from russia we can not play the game what should we do?

4 years 162 days ago
Loving the game!!!

Targeting needs and entire overhaul! Have not found sniping behind cover at all useful and hate shooting an explosive barrell right next to me for no reason haha. 

Kinda hoping for set items in the future. Really rare so it feels awesome when you get one..

I have a level 20 sniper and a low level.. heavy.

When you complete the game can you change the mode so you don't have to play through the quest again?

It's been a cleaner release than most ARPGs I have seen with so much content. 


Critical skill tree seems the go to option for everyone.. I wanted to go into DOT an needler but critical is good on all weapons so im not sure if that will help versatility later on 

4 years 162 days ago
Only a few hours in so far but really enjoying the game.

Didn't realise how badly I've been wanting a game like this based in the 40K universe until I played this!

For once I'm actually taking my time and soaking in every bit of atmosphere and lore within the game.

I hope I'm playing this for a long time to come and I'm certain it will only improve with time and the subsequent patches.

4 years 162 days ago

Thanks NeoCoreGames for the adaption to the console. I'm wating since 2015 for this awesome game and had several interviews and appointment with you guys :-)

We play the game on xbox and have much fun with this game. Currently there are still some bugs, but I'm pretty sure, there will be a patch fixing the most popular issues soon.

What we found:

1. German localization issues (some times really awfull)

2. FPS Crashes when many enemies are going to die (e.g. throwing grenade and suddenly freeze and then explosion)

3. FPS Crash during traveling to another planet or subsector 

4. Controller steering has to adjust every time after restart (e.g. set up tactical -> Restart game -> back to standard)

Nevertheless you did a good job *thumps up* Looking forward for news and free dlc / events :-)

4 years 162 days ago
Roadmap seems to be not updated :)
4 years 163 days ago
Excellent game and I am really enjoying it so far on my PS4 Pro.  Just want to know if there is any way of submitting bug information other than through the Forum? I have found a number of bugs that I want to report but I want to make sure the information gets to the Devs and is not lost in the aether (or delayed while trawling the Forums).

I have a small YouTube channel which I am currently looking at dedicating to this game but I want to have positive news for my viewers when it comes to some of the bugs that are visible in the videos I am making.

Over all though this is one of the best ARPG's I have ever played and I have played a lot.  Keep up the good work

4 years 163 days ago
Great game (played on OneX). Just need some targeting improvement with pads and constant FPS for 1440 res . Keep up your good job. Hope your support your game many years !!! Thanks !!!
4 years 163 days ago
Hello. I am looking for some new 40k friends on xbox add me JGMCR. Having lots of fun playing good job. But the controller not responding is a bit annoying. Also I had to  re download the deluxe edition content to get it to work.
4 years 163 days ago
Is there any way to alter the camera settings on the PS4 versions? From the gameplay demos shown previously the character could move around the screen much more freely and see further away, the version I’m playing half the time you can’t see the target you’re attacking even at maximum zoom out! 

Am I the only one who thinks the cameras need more options? Angling then down a little would help a lot!