Inquisitor Martyr disconnected server (timeout)


helloI've got one mistake, I'm bringing my brother to the partyand when we start fighting over who's better on the menuand it says you are disconnected from the server (timeout)and i add it doesn't do it in other games

port on is also allowed and there is a timeout in co-op

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Inquisitor Martyr disconnected server (timeout)
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193 days ago
Hi, do you have the problem now? Can you not connect to the servers? 
193 days ago

I really don't know how to solve this problem. I had that problem over a year ago.

1 year 137 days ago

From the beginning of the year, I've been experiencing the same issue.

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1 year 196 days ago
My friends and I are having a similar experience. We can't actually play together due map lag and disconnects which started after Christmas. I've played a fairly long time and haven't run into anything this bad before. I can't even play solo with lag death and disconnects. I'm lucky to make it through a mission. Is this a known issue?

Thank you for any help,

lemniscate13 2023

1 year 197 days ago

I have the same problem since the beginning of the year, till christmas everything was working fine but after... servers timeout.

@Neocoregames can you comment on this bug? how long it will take you to restore coop??

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1 year 202 days ago
Same problem: PP coop - server timeout. Fix this, pls.
1 year 202 days ago
I am having the same problem?  Is there anyway to check server status? My sons and I are trying to complete a mission and get disconnected.