inquisition lore guide video-CHINESE VERSION



Inspired by AirsickHydra's video, all credit to him:

So I am a 40k fan from china, I live in Australia though. There are a lot of chinese warhammer fans wanna to know more about this game, but due to some internet restriction and the language issue, most chinese fans could not gain acess to the Youtube so most of the information could not be known by chinese fans. And becasue most of the video of the of this game are made by English speaking Youtuber and streamers, so I decided to do some of my own video contents in chinese to make more chinese fan understand what is this game how Neocore make this game great. I was inspired by AirsickHydra a lot and he answered me many questions on Youtube and this forum, so big thanks for the help provide by AirsickHydra and I want give the credit of my videos to him, dont forget to check his Youtube channel, he really know a lot of this game and made great videos:

As for myself, I was a long term streamer and gaming video maker from a china video sharing website Bilibili(like a chinese version Youtube or Twitch), I also made some videos of this game before, but now I decide to make some video to let the fans in china  know more about this game and let more fans in china to support Neocore make this game great, we have a large number of 40k fans in china and also some talent streamers, I hope my little works here could make them know more about this game.

My bilibili channel:!/

Big thanks for everyone that support me!





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inquisition lore guide video-CHINESE VERSION
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6 years 307 days ago

We need chinese language support in game,please!

6 years 329 days ago


6 years 333 days ago

只有谷歌翻译教我 感觉。

6 years 333 days ago
Posted by Airsick Hydra 6 years 334 days ago


lol, dont know u speak chinese XD

6 years 334 days ago

good stuff

6 years 334 days ago


6 years 334 days ago