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Hi guys, I wanted to share some points with the developer. I know you have lot of work to do on every projects, also know that you are underpayed in comparison to other country and that you don't have as much firepower as companies like blizzard. I want you to know that I support you from almost the release of the game, buyind it at 80€ plus the profecy dlc at 20€. 

That's why I afford to write this post, we know that this game has a huge potential but you have low budget to improve it. However I noticed some lacks that appears essential to me : the fact that a mission takes 2 minutes to launch and lasts barely 5 minutes (my network is 300Mb/s), this makes the game very repetitive. In addition the fact that environments, maps or similar between them and in small areas also makes it repetitive. At least this game needs a mode where you wait 1-2 minutes and you play for 10-20 minutes in a large scale map. I know that part of the player like to grind 15 minutes on a boss but every player hasn't 50 hours to play in a week and what I love in this game is being capable of destroying armies, 10 levels over me (so you can level up fast enough to enjoy it). Sadly it lasts max five minutes and I have to rehearse and rehearse again, it makes the game boring when it could be so fun. 

Something more personal but I know some share my opinion : the game is very dark (the deck, loading screens, music) plus the fact that you're always playing alone sometimes it's repellent. 

The fact that chests and dropping items are garbage forces the player to sell them, its a useless waste of time, just drop rare objects and crafting elements.

Something you might not want to change _ : )   the reset of skill trees is heavy when you want to swicht from physical single to haet area dmg by exemple. Maybe you want to keep it like that and I respect it. 

Those are no reproach cause I don't know what are your means, just encouragements. I don't pretend to have any knowledge in lead design nor game design just sending you my feedback for playing the game more than 5 years now.

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Improvements on the game
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37 days ago
Hi! Thank you for your continued support and your well-thought out feedback! We're collecting all feedback and looking through it to implement things our resources allow /we agree with :)