Impossibility of campaign mission after server transfer


After transferring servers, it is impossible to start the mission.

Now Ragna Van winter has a green exclamation mark that doesn't allow me to access the shop. The same for Thorn. Миссия не начинается. Could this be corrected?

Daktell account in the game

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Impossibility of campaign mission after server transfer
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1 year 41 days ago
Please share both your account and character names (if you haven't done so yet) and our developers will fix the issue you encountered.

Thanks in advance!

1 year 49 days ago

Same as Ypsilon. Cant talk to Metrodora Thelema and start drukharri quest as Imperial Knight.

Main Quest softlocked as well. Ragna is stuck with exclamation mark. Shop anavalible. Reinstallation  and completeng other activities dont fix that problem.

1 year 51 days ago
I have exactly the same problem with "Callisticus" character - Ragna is stuck with green exclamation mark and I am unable to continue and/or sell items :(
1 year 51 days ago

Looks like campaign progress is broken

1 year 51 days ago
Sme problem here, it's the biologus who block me from advancing in the campaign, it stuck completely my campaigns :(