I need some Q´s answered.


1. Do anyone have some serious tips on how to Purge 200 Enemies within a 60 Secs time limit?

2. Have the DoT been fixed at all? Does anybody know for sure? I mean truly. Has it? Because I am seriously not sure in some cases. It sometimes seems like it is ok, but sometimes it seems like not at all. Like for instance, the +2 Sec duration on Skil tree. When I check on my Character Stats it seemed like I had a pure basic from the beginning 5 Secs. And even with the +2 Sec Duration, I still have 5 Sec on Stats.

3. I need some serious tips on what kind of items I can get and/or roll the stat named DAMAGE REDUCTION on. I am in serious need of it, since having only so far +9% Damage Reduction, while having tons of other kind of Resistances. Resistances of course is surely good having, but if some of it goes through, I am in seriously surely pain, of course.

I´m having a serious HARD time against when it comes to the Mechanicus as adversaries. I´m doing a lot better now as I have my Resistances, but still (if I actually manage doing Mission) I spend WAY too long time getting through. Very frustrating.

4. I do have the Reflect Chance and Reflect Damage stats on my Character, but I´m not sure if this actually works as is intended. How do I tell/find out if this is actually working as it is intended to work? Or should I just completely remove all of these stats and go for DAMAGE REDUCTION instead? If that is at all possible.

5. Is it at all possible for a Psyker to get hold of a GravGun to use? I am Lvl 100. I have tons of Blueprints, but not one single Blueprint for the GravGun. is it impossible when you play as Psyker to get hold of any kind of GravGun at all? Be it from shop to buy, or to Craft one yourself? Does Grav Pistols work as good as GravGun does, and is it possible to Dual wield Grav Pistols?

Because sooner or later I have to start thinking about the Missions I need to do which HAVE to be 10 Lvls higher to complete certain criterias in-game. There is no chance for me to as to how it is now, to be able to get Missions that high done as how I am for the time being. I can do some Missions both 6 and 8 Lvls higher taking things very easy and not rush into Combat, and have a decent and fair chance of Completing. But there is NO WAY WHATSOEVER POSSIBLE for me to go head on 10 Lvls above my Lvl. I heard/read somewhere that GravGun is THE ONLY way of getting and having a slight chance to complete 10Lvls higher Missions.

6. I´m struggling with Warzone Mission 107. Big Tank in the way. Not easy to destroy. Time Limit it also has. Any tips that can help me get it done? Should I perhaps just run past it all, focusing on Mission itself, instead of bothering taking them all out?

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I need some Q´s answered.
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3 years 133 days ago
Posted by Lankester 3 years 133 days ago
As far as I know, yes, you have to get all that. There is no time limit though, so there's no rush.

It's basically the same challenge as the 4th tier 'Impeccable Crusade', but with one life only...

Thx for clarifying that. I was hoping though for... , but oh well.

I just recently finished this Impeccable Crusade, and it was such a frustration to complete. And now I´m off to even more. Oh well, lol.

I truly sincerely hope that Neocore Team does not take this Challenge and put it into next Season. This is THE most frustration and hardest of a Challenge I´ve had with this Season. There are plenty of truly hard Challenges here still for me to do, but this Void Crusade Journey is just THE TOP MOST overall Challenging of them ALL.

3 years 133 days ago
Brother Kundari
As far as I know, yes, you have to get all that. There is no time limit though, so there's no rush.

It's basically the same challenge as the 4th tier 'Impeccable Crusade', but with one life only...

3 years 133 days ago
Ok, bumping my thread and crossing my fingers here and throws out 1 more Question.

So. #8 Question:

Regarding the Challenge on Tier 5 named Legendary Crusade. It does say - Master a Void Crusade on HARD (1 life only). Does this mean you also need ALL Fragments and ALL Keys? It doesn´t say specifically. Is it possible to MASTER a VOID Crusade without having to get ALL Keys+Fragments?

I hope I get some more help and tips around here for my ongoing Quest.

3 years 138 days ago
And now suddenly one Q #7 pops up too even.

And that is the Challenge about the Champs. How on earth do you even make sure the Mission(s) is HAVING 10 Champions to beat within a time limit like that?

3 years 142 days ago
One thing that just popped up was as follows:

I have always been in the believe that each and every single one item, counts as bonuses to ALL stats. Doesn´t matter WHAT it is.

But now as I´m checking more up on it, and see different stats depending on what kind of Weapon Mode you have, I start to wonder. I always been kinda "aware" of this, but I always thought that each, every and every single one stat on every single item you are wearing also counts towards ALL stats. And what kind of Weapon Mode you are currently in, doesn´t matter, at all. But if different Weapon Modes, differ/differentiate/affecting different stats, does the different stats ONLY counts when in the specific Weapon Modes then?

So if I have (and this is PURE examples and absolutely NOTHING else on SOME stats and on Signums, and it also includes what kind of Doctrines you´re using/having) and use Weapon Mode 1 I have Reflect Chance/Damage 15%/100% and 35% Burn damage, and then I have in Weapon Mode 2 Heat Reduction 14%, 50% Chance to cause Burning on Hit, Damage Reduction 15%(melee), and +25% Damage for Biomancy Power(s).

Does this actually mean, that I am having 2 different stats in use depending on what kind of Weapon Mode I´m in and using and when in the one it nuliifies and eradicates the other of everything regarding stats? And that regards EVERY stat? Be it Damage, Reduction, Resistances, Bonuses or whatever etc, etc.

Not that I think and I do not hope EVERYTHING is correct as I MAY think as of now, but regardless of anything, I think I do need a serious makeover of certain things if some of this is correct, and after what I actually see in my overall stats depending on which Weapon Mode I´m in/using.

So, hope I´m making sense of it all. And wish for other players to view and to confirm and explain things here, of this is the case or not or what.

3 years 142 days ago
Posted by Lankester 3 years 143 days ago
As far as I remember from my non-seasonal characters, grav gun is a heavy weapon and as such would only be available to Crusader. Psykers can't use it.

And yes, blueprints and item drops can get totally weird, I've had several drops on my seasonal Tech-Adept that had Crusader / Psyker perks, like whatever warp heat this or execution stuff that. They either slipped the beta testing net or the whole drops / blueprint system is even more random than I imagined.

Thx for confirming that. Now that that is cleared. Do you have any tips and/or guides on my actual Questions. And what to actually do to improve on what I already have. Like what to go for when Dual wielding Grav Pistols, and do I even stand a chance when going 10 Lvls above my highest Lvl? Which indeed I HAVE to do, sooner or later.

Quick guide on Warzone Mission 107-110 for instance?

Because if GravGun is THE ONLY way to go 10Lvls higher, I can quite simply put my Lvl 100 Psyker on the shelf and say Thx and goodbye. I do not think there is no need for me to go for a new Character as of this moment, and get that to Lvl100. Way too little time for that.

Do I get some more likely drops for items that contains the stat DAMAGE REDUCTION if I go to certain places, or do some specific Missions, or what? How much Damage Reduction am I realistically looking at as playing as Psyker?

Cmon people. Help out fellow players.

3 years 143 days ago
Brother Kundari
As far as I remember from my non-seasonal characters, grav gun is a heavy weapon and as such would only be available to Crusader. Psykers can't use it.

And yes, blueprints and item drops can get totally weird, I've had several drops on my seasonal Tech-Adept that had Crusader / Psyker perks, like whatever warp heat this or execution stuff that. They either slipped the beta testing net or the whole drops / blueprint system is even more random than I imagined.

3 years 144 days ago
It just is that I do not think Psyker is even ABLE to wield a GravGun at all really, and that is I believe the very reason for Psyker not being able to neither BUY one, or even to MAKE one. I don´t think he wold be even able to wield one n fact, even if he had one.

I have bought and turned in SO many Blueprints and not one single one I have available. But probably because he wields these mighty Psychic Powers too I guess.

3 years 146 days ago
Grav gun is much stronger with better skills than duel wield grav pistols
3 years 146 days ago
I just tried grav gun and two dual wield grav pistols

Both are very strong and seem to be comparable in damage will test a littl;e see how it goes

3 years 146 days ago
As a psyker you probably can't use a gravgun but if you tell me your image name if I can I will send you one to try.I'm not sure if 2 grav pistols are better or equal to a grav gun, might give it a shot. You can dual wield gravpistols though.

Reflect has a weird yellowish lightning animation that goes from you to the target, and makes a sound. It doesn't always do this, but I think it works correctly as I stood in middle of a mob of 200 or so hoards and watched them kill themselves on it, was fun, though I think the reflect damage is off ,at 200% it didn't do a ton of damage, I think it takes into account damage reduction and resistance, making it do a lot less damage the higher your resistance and damage reduction is, it also only counts attacks that do damage so if you have a high deflect or dodge it won't activate as much.

I have a chainsword/shield with 14% of all attacks send out a lightning bolt that jumps to two nearby enemies, fleshbane attacks cause bleeding, chance of deflect value(60 or more percent) to become armor piercing, 100% of physical damage becomes warp damage with 20% damage bonus, and 2 shards that increase single target skills by 15%(for total of 30%) the rest is just tankie stuff. But I do well on level 8's with this set up, still working on getting to 100(only 94 right now) and bettering my equipment.

I am pretty new to the game but I hope this helps some, let me know if you want me to send you a couple of grav pistols and a grav gun, in game name is "Neinth" on a seasonal character.

3 years 146 days ago
Yep, thx for the help as far as you could help me yes. Appreciated.

So, to the reply from me versus your answers:

Playing Crusader would definitely give me the Blueprint for Gravgun yes. I´m in no doubt about that. Maybe you realised after a while, but maybe not. Anyway, I´m playing a Psyker. And am not going to start a new Character which is a Crusader now. Not this far into the Season. And I think you´re right, I dont think I have the possibility to even get the Gravgun, but only using Grav Pistols.

But you didn´t tell me if Grav Pistols is just as good as a single GravGun or if Grav Pistols is also possible to Dual wield. And if I take hold of Dual wielded 2 Grav Pistols, would I have a slight chance with that in my hands with/on Missions 10Lvls above me? But is it enough with just equipping 2 Grav Pistols? What other things should I consider having together with those Pistols in the case?

And yes, I do have of course both Reflect Chance and Reflect Damage. And when you say that it works, I should believe that it is, but not sure how I can check to tell IF it works, but if you say it is, then I guess it is. I have around 30% Reflect Chance and about 110% Reflect Damage. I have the stats on items, and only one Shard that gives me extra Reflect Damage.

And as far as Resistances go, I´m totally ok and have plenty enough of it already. What I TRULY need is Damage Reduction. And Psyker is something that does very rarely do get items that have the stat Damage Reduction on. Very true. I do not have many items with this Stat on at all.

When it comes to Psalm Doctrines I prefer to go for extra Heat Damage and well, Burning and some more Heat.

When it comes to Armour Breaking things, I have my Psyker skills that gives or lowers ALL Enemy Armour a bit less effect. So for instance, they originally have Heavy Armour takes it down to them having Normal Armour instead, and Normal Armour down to No Armour. That should help out and it does.

3 years 146 days ago

I'll try and answer your questions.

1. I used a crusader with frag grenades' and missiles barrage on the bottom left corner map on the ivory void crusade(https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1970090174 number 18 on this map) From where you start head up and to the right, follow the edge of the map dragging all the hounds with you,  all the way around to where you started from, then head into middle of the map, by the time you do all that you should have plenty on you to aoe everything and complete the challenge.

2.Stat page doesn't always update with everything, a good example is the psalm code doctrine that fires 2 projectiles in addition to the main one in a 10* cone gives you -30 chance to critical but this doesn't show up on stat page.

3. Depends on your character, crusaders get a lot more damage reduction than other classes I think, but here is a useful website that has all the equipment and the primary/secondary/relic/arceotech/morality stats on it (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1970090174) Also you can use resistor shards in your armor to give a total bonus of 24 damage reduction(6 times 4), and in other things than weapons you can use same shard to get 4 damage resistance. Secutor shards give between 1 and 7 damage resistance of "X" type(warp, physical, heat) depending on what type of equipment you put them on.  As for the Mechs you really need armor breaking or piercing's damage. Using the psalm code doctrine that changes all physical damage to warp damage is useful as well, at least it has been for me.

4. You need both reflect chance and reflect damage for it to work. I tried a build that had a 40% reflect chance with a 200% bonus to reflect damage and it worked well(need subdermal plating perk, 6 max level Invictus shards in your armor, I had no gear that gave a bonus to reflect chance or damage which would have made the build even better of course), also psalm code doctrine that gives you 100% chance to reflect damage back on melee attacks as long as you had a shield up(purity perk was helpful for this, as well as an armor that had a chance to throw up a rosiurus field on hit taken)

5. I don't know if a pysker can use grav guns, but playing a crusader will get you the blueprints.

6.I haven't gotten that far in the warzones yet i am only 94.

Hope this helps some.