I just bought Warhammer Inquisitor Martyr/Chaosbane. Waste of money. Cannot play couch co-op as it was marketed on Xbox.


I just bought this game package on Xbox one. The game immediately says I have an incorrect email/password upon launch. There was no option to enter one in the first place. I had to research it and found endless posts about this issue. The xbox couch coop sale listed the game as 2-4 player local coop. It seems that you have to not only create an account with recore (I did to no effect) but you must have gold to play coop. With people sitting next to you. My internet is slow so it took two days to download one game. I thought it was like Diablo III. It's not at all. I do not have gold (will never again), my internet is horrible and wouldn't run online play regardless. I wasted my money and bandwidth on a game that is useless. I am now deleting the game and cancelling the pending download. I wanted a game to play with my son. Had I remotely suspected any of this I would have spent my money on something playable. This is the first and last time that I get burned by this game publisher. I will take note of whatever company this is and eliminate them from the pool of people who I give money to.

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1 year 269 days ago
Same issue
1 year 276 days ago

The problem has been fixed on our end and the changes don't require a client update so you should be able to log into your in-game account without any issue now.

We tested the fixes and they appear to helped but in case anyone still experiences the same issue please let us know.

Our apologize for the caused inconvenience!