Hunter of Hunters PS4 trophy


How one does unlock this ? There are only 2 bosses in the story - Daemonhost and The Great Unclean One himself but the trophy req. is killing 5. I tried this on multiple playthroughs and still it didn't unlock. Can anyone explain how to unlock this ? Really appriciate any help in this matter. 

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Hunter of Hunters PS4 trophy
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5 years 27 days ago
wow! I never though of that thanks KillyoX69. Will try this rinse and repeat method.
5 years 27 days ago
I have an assassin power level 1502, I was stuck with Ragna's bug, so I played everything except story mission to reach that level.

When my character was unlocked, I was able to continue the story with +600 difficulty setting, At the end of the story, the last boss didn't go over 1300 or something close, can't remember because my other characters are stuck for a month now.

So the only way to kill a boss at PR 1500+ is only possible in warzone, but unfortunatly, as it is supposed to count toward the perk, well as many other things it does not !

Same for the trophy : kill 5 bosses : well the bosses from warzone don't count towards the trophy ^^

For that, as many of us did, we created a new character, rushed to the first boss battle (around 40-45 min of gmeplay), kill him, then rince and repeat.

If you try to go on with the story, you'll hit the other carshing bug, and there is a boss battle with a crusader teaming up with you (sorry can't remember the names, I'm not playing for more than a month now), if you're not careful, he will deliver the killing blow and then : the defeated boss will not count towards your trophy because YOU were not the one to kill it.

Do the rince and repeat, it works so far.

5 years 27 days ago
I have the same problem. I finished the main campaign with 3 characters, but still haven't unlocked the trophy...
5 years 47 days ago
You can visit the Warzone, where you can do Nemesis battles. The Nemesis itself is also a Boss type enemy and its death also counts for this trophy!