How To Redeem Final Cut

If you own the Trilogy


The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing: Final Cut merges the three campaigns from the trilogy into a consistently playable adventure with new features, a great endgame content and all six classes available from the start. And the best thing: if you own all three games in the trilogy, you're eligible to get it for free!

How to redeem Final Cut?

(Currently on PC version only!)

On Steam: Login with your Steam account at NeocoreGames Redeem. Then you will be redirected to our redeem page where you instantly get an activation code for the game. You can also send this code to your email account. Once you have your code you can go to steam store and activate it as you’d activate any game (in the upper menu select Games > Activate a Product on Steam > then follow the instructions).

On GoG: This will be released at a later date, and GoG will activate it automatically. If waiting more isn’t an option, look up your receipts from your purchases of the Van Helsing games, and write a request at [email protected]

With a mixed bag: You’re so complicated! But we’re okay with that! Just drop by at [email protected]

Update 1: You have to change your account settings to public from private on Steam.

Update 2: If Steam says that your key is a “duplicate” here’s what you need to do:
write an email to [email protected] with your Steam id (numbers) in the subject, add a screenshot of the “duplicate key” (as proof) plus the key that wasn’t working.

Update 3: If your key is invisible, try to refresh the page. It should work.

Update 4: If in any way you previously owned Final Cut on Steam, you will not be eligible to receive a copy, even if you get hold of the whole trilogy later.

One more caveat. Due to the massive size of Final Cut, the high resolution textures is available as a separate download on Steam: High Resolution Textures. It’s free as well, this solution serves only to shorten the download time for the main game. You can also download it in-game in the options menu by selecting the high resolution textures.

And remember: leave feedback and don’t hesitate to contact us! Other than that… enjoy the game!

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How To Redeem Final Cut If you own the Trilogy
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88 days ago

I'm.. sorry I don't quite follow, do you mean you sent an e-mail (which you have  a yahoo-mail)? If you could locate the support chat on the homepage of this website that would be best:

90 days ago
I believe I sent a message through yahoo.  I can understand if this was discontinued, but it isn't documented anywhere that it was, and I at least feel like that should have been mentioned on the screen where my request was rejected.  Also, I don't feel like free key redemption wasn't very well advertised, as I didn't  even have a clue it existed until well over a year after it was available.
93 days ago
Hi! What is your e-mail provider if I may ask? There are a few providers that aren't coming through to our support mail unfortunately. Alternatively, you can also contact me through the support chat window of this site (a yellow block accessible from the main menu). In any case, though, the bad news is that this promotion was recently discontinued, and the Final Cut isn't available anymore in this way. Do still message me, though, regardless, on our support chat. There may be some thing or another I could still do for you.. 
93 days ago

I purchased all 3 games via steam a while back and recently became aware of the free key offer.  I followed the instructions and was simply told that I'm not eligible...and no further info was given!  What is this BS?  It clearly states that if I purchased all 3 games, that I am eligible!  I e-mailed support at least 2 weeks ago and was just ignored!  What is going on?

170 days ago
You're eligible if you own the three base games in any form :)
170 days ago

Can I be eligible to redeem the final cut?


171 days ago
Hello. I purchased all 3 games on Steam and am here years later to redeem Final Cut.

I did it successfully with no issues at all.
Thank you. I really like the game.
- From New Zealand

1 year 52 days ago
1 year 53 days ago

Jogo muito bom

1 year 272 days ago

logging in problem.. how to fix  this endless logging in to account


1 year 279 days ago

Hi there,

Two days ago, I bought the anthology version of the game and set my profile and my game details to public. Trying to get the final cut version, I logged in the Neocore page, where I'm only getting my SteamID. Since i cannot copy the key anywhere, I tried the email choice. After 48h, i have not received any email with my key for the final cut . Due to this fact, i send a message to the support email asking for help and I have still not received any answer.

Please if somebody can help me!!

2 years 264 days ago
Hi there,

I love the Van Helsing games, but please tell me when you launch the final cut Version for ps 4 .


2 years 264 days ago
Hello neocore,

I bought, played and love the three van Helsing games.

I played on ps 4. Can you please tell me if and when you make the final cut for playstation, so i can play with all the endgame stuff? Thank you

3 years 256 days ago
Confirmed still works as of 10/29/2020 be sure to set your steam account to public in settings.
4 years 72 days ago

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hope it helps!

4 years 121 days ago
I wish I had known it before I bought it :)

The game is superb!

4 years 122 days ago
that's so cool.....
4 years 171 days ago

Thank you very much! GabGar223! I did  every instruction you suggest and now I finally got my "the incredible adventures of van helsing final cut" for free! (For those who buy the anthology) All thanks to you! Very appriciate to your gratitude!

Frankly speaking! it's like one piece of my hair cloud the entire mountain! If I didn't carefully read your instrucion, I might as well be piss and get nothing from it. All in all, it goes well and I get what I want. Thank you.

5 years 6 days ago
eu queria sabe como  eu faço pra fazer login no jogo 

5 years 38 days ago

For those who see "Sorry but you are not eligible to download The Incredible Adventure of Van Helsing - Final Cut for free" upon trying to activate the final cut after purchasing the anthology, I had the same issue.

The solution for me was in the "Update 1" right up here in the how-to: 

Update 1: You have to change your account settings to public from private on Steam.

This steam guide helped me through the process:

Also to note, the only thing in my account that was "Friends Only" that I had to change to "Public", unsurprisingly, was the "Game details" of my profile. Once the final cut was activated, I reverted this setting back to "Friends only" with no issue whatsoever. The site only seems to be able to see your games when you login to get you key.

Hoping this helps a few :)

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5 years 38 days ago
I made an account specifically to ask whoever makes the sales decisions to explain to me the logic of not being able to get Final cut key if you own three separate games  amd also own Final cut previously. So I buy 3 games and get free copy of FC,  but if I buy 3 games AND those same games again, only in one package,  I can't get anything??? Yes,  I do already own the Final cut,  but that shoudn't be your concern. I also purchesed three separate games and that makes me eligible for free key. Maybe I want to gift the bundle to someone.  Maybe I am entitled to be treated as other customers, especially because I spent MORE money on your games than if I only bought the three games.  Maybe you should rethink the policy of making me and others in my position fools for purchasing your games TWICE.  Way to go, Neocore. Outstanding move. /s
5 years 38 days ago

Sorry but you are not eligible to download The Incredible Adventure of Van Helsing - Final Cut for free

why can't i get this game?

5 years 39 days ago
I brought the anthology and wanted to redeemed the final cut, but it says I'm Inelegible when I log in my steam account.
5 years 222 days ago

Wow, I got a very fast reply even on the weekend. Apparently I had not set ALL my Steam privacy settings to public ... I missed the 'Inventory' and  'Game Details' sub-sections. After setting everything to public the Steam ' NeocoreGames Redeem' online tool worked as expected and I was able to get my activation code. Note: I was unable to have the code emailed to my account, just make sure you copy the activation code down and use it directly in Steam's 'Activate a Product on Steam'. 

Thank you very much for such a speedy resolution to this!!!

5 years 222 days ago

we replied to you just now, please check on the message. It will help you redeem the code!:)

5 years 223 days ago

Unable to redeem Final Cut for free after recent trilogy purchase using 'NeocoreGames Redeem' online Steam tool.

I bought the first game a while ago on Steam just to try it out and loved it so much I wanted to get the Final Cut version. Today I just purchased the other two games to complete the trilogy. When attempting to redeem the Final Cut for free using the online redeem tool for Steam I received the following message: 

"Sorry but you are not eligible to download The Incredible Adventure of Van Helsing - Final Cut for free"

I just sent an email to support, hopefully this will be resolved (I'll give an update here) ... I just wanted to inform people expecting to be able to redeem Final Cut right away that they may be disappointed.

7 years 1 day ago

Add update to tell people to restart steam after setting privacy settings to public

7 years 10 days ago
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7 years 52 days ago

There is no sound in the game

7 years 111 days ago
enrico miao oggianu

The redeem page is now working! Click here: NeocoreGames Redeem.

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7 years 112 days ago

any news about 404 error? i've already purchase all the chapter from steam .-.

7 years 118 days ago

All earned, I'm already playing! Thank you so much!

7 years 119 days ago

The page gives a 404 error. Could you please activate the page again?

This comment was edited 7 years 119 days ago by vovnavladimir
7 years 125 days ago

"The two weeks passed, the Founding launched, but the redeem site is still in a state of 404...Can you give us any update about when will it be available again?"

Could you please activate the page again?! Thanks...!

This comment was edited 7 years 125 days ago by cdot11
7 years 138 days ago
Posted by Kanadson 7 years 138 days ago
The two weeks passed, the Founding launched, but the redeem site is still in a state of 404...

Can you give us any update about when will it be available again?

We need it!

7 years 138 days ago
The two weeks passed, the Founding launched, but the redeem site is still in a state of 404...

Can you give us any update about when will it be available again?

7 years 152 days ago
Posted by Psojed 7 years 152 days ago
The page gives a 404 error.

Update 5: A backend transfer is in progress for our games to GameSparks, redeeming won't work for a few days in the first two weeks (or so) of February, 2017.

7 years 152 days ago
The page gives a 404 error.