Hot pursuit


Any plans to tweak this mode in higher level void crusade missions? Changing the extraction ability ('5' hotkey) to lock on to the target once you begin its extraction would help immensely. As it is now, you have to start from scratch every time the target moves a bit.

While doing a mission 8 levels above mine, I rushed to the target, and attempted its extraction five times - only for the target to move slightly each time (usually as the progress bar was about to reach max) and then failed the mission as all the mobs overran me.

Changing the target behaviour to get stunned when you begin its extraction or simply enabling a lock on mechanics in case the target moves (within a reasonable area, of course) would help this mode a lot.

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Hot pursuit
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3 years 261 days ago
Can someone take their time to actually explain this mission to me in detail please, on how to do it the right and proper way?

Because I do not understand what I am supposed to do here. At all, it seems.

Every time, and I mean EVERY time I try to do this Mission I see this target on the Mission map, I begin to run immediately after Mission Start. In some cases I do not reach target at all and he vanishes and Mission fails.

In some cases I KINDA reach up to target, begins to mop him, but then again he instantly vanishes. And again the Mission fails.

I haven´t had ONE SINGLE Mission of this type as Success. Always fails. What exactly am I doing wrong here, and what am I NOT doing correct?

I am using a Melee dude. But that shouldn´t be the reason for me to always failing this Mission.

Not fun at all to always have to be clearing away from this Mission, because of it always fails. 

4 years 202 days ago
We will look into this, thanks for the report!