Heroic Deeds Bug


Hello all. I played through the game without any objective, i followed the main story, played some side missions and some event missions with a friend. Every now and then a pop up, after a mission, showed up and told me, i had completed a heroic deed. After some time i noticed, that some of these should give me passive skill points, but i never got them. I'm Level 29 right now and all my skill points, 30 in number, came from level ups. But the heroic deeds menu tells me i have finished 11 deed, that grant 1 passive skill point each...

I'm playing on Steam, Character Name is Primus.

P.S.: I'm sorry for my bad english...

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Heroic Deeds Bug
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3 years 301 days ago
Ohh my god yes, you are totaly right... i was so blind... these are all attribute points and no skill points. 

Thank you very much! So the bug wasn't in the game, but in my brain...

3 years 302 days ago
Could you please tell which Heroic Deeds were you referring to?

Are you sure these were skill points and not attribute points? The attribute points can be seen under the Character tab, in the left lower corner.