HELP seasonal challenge


ame issue with noxious void crusades. No matter how may times I try to complete them, neither gets checked off for seasonal challenge Crusade of Malediction 2.

I played a lot of noxious

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HELP seasonal challenge
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192 days ago
Hi there! sorry about the late reply. I've completed the maledicted Void Crusade task from Tier 3 for you. The Tier should complete once you're done with the rest of your tasks. Cheers!
197 days ago
Hi There, 

I am facing the same issue. I've done a couple of Malediction crusades and do not have credit for it.
Could I please get some help as well?

Thank you!

223 days ago
Hey there sorry about the trouble. I completed it for you now :) You'll need to kill just one more Warpbound enemy to finish Tier 3
224 days ago
Hi same problem  finished all crusades multiple times and game show only smouldering finished.

Help plt 

Acc name is Blackadder110

233 days ago
Thank you! :)
233 days ago
Completed that task for you as well :) Tier 3 will complete once you kill just one more Warpbound enemy. 
234 days ago

I have a similar problem - I've finished 2 voidbound crusades in a row, but don't get credit for it in the Crusade of Malediction II. challenge.

My account is Deix (Steam account is linked to my profile here), my char Lil'ith. Please help :)

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242 days ago
thank you
242 days ago
ok, I've completed that task for you now :) You'll need to kill just one more Warpbound enemy for Tier 3 to complete. Cheers!
242 days ago

Is it the name of the game character?name is asdasdadzxc, it seems to be level 87.

242 days ago
Hi there :) No worries,  I can help you out. Please let me know what your in-game account name is
242 days ago
Please, can someone help me? I called several times, but I couldn't finish the task of the season. I'm only short of this one in the third stage now.