Hazards Conflicts


Depending on the tarots or seals you use, you can have kind of conflicts that make some Hazards useless, or might leads to not really know which one is true when they are different. 

Sometimes, you see twice the same Hazard. That woud be nice to have only one displayed, or to ensure you cannot have twice the same:

Sometimes, one Hazard tells you start with one life and got +1 on Elite kill, and another Hazard tells you start with two lifes (sorry, I did not check which wins but looks pretty easy to repro on your side):

Sometimes, one Hazard tells you have less lives, and another one that "you cannot die", which makes the "less lives" useless. I think that only the "Don't die" should remain as this one is the strongest. 

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Hazards Conflicts
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4 years 33 days ago
Noted, we will check those hazards which are not correspond with others.