Global cooldown affecting Sin combat flow


Hey guys, I like 2.0. I think you did a good job, and it shows by the number of very positive reviews you've been getting recently.

There is ONE thing (other than the Sin's face) that I REALLY do not like, and, in fact, has gotten WORSE. Ironically, it affects the combat, which you made a tremendous amount of changes to.

That is the horrendous global cooldown that you introduced.

Before, I could dodge instantly. I could create my armor force field instantly. Everything felt instant.

Now, there is a big (short, but it's REALLY noticeable and REALLY annoying) delay. I have no idea why you guys introduced this little cooldown (0.5 seconds) after you use a skill or after you dodge or whenever it happens.

All I know is that now, I need to hold down W to dodge, and I need to hold down 4 to activate the armor skill. Otherwise, I have to mash it, which is not ideal.

I highly doubt you will fix this issue...because it seems to be a "feature", but just thought I'd let you know it's very annoying.

Here is the thread on the Steam forum that inspired me to create my own thread here.

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Global cooldown affecting Sin combat flow
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4 years 235 days ago
We got feedback on this issue already so we will consider if some adjusting is need in this regard. Thanks for the feedback!
4 years 235 days ago
No, I don't use it. I did check what it does though, and the +1 would make things far worse for me.

For me, it's just that 0.5 seconds or w/e it is that makes things clunkier than before.

I just want to be able to dodge and 4 before.

4 years 235 days ago
Do you use the perk "Tactician"?

Remove that, it was buged before 2.0 and now applies the global CD correctly, destroying several builds that used it.