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1) Skill cooldown:

I assume that the english text is correct.
In this case the following german translation is totally wrong.

The english (correct?) version:

"...with LONGER than..."

While the german translation says:

"... von WENIGER als..."  which means "...with SHORTER than..."
I guess no one would invest a point in a skill cooldown bonus of max. 300ms.

Correct would be "...Abklingzeit von MEHR als..."

You could also use a shorter/better Version:
"...(für Abklingzeiten grösser 1s)." / "...(for cooldowns longer than 1s)."
Because the ranged skill colldown bonus is already mentioned.

2) Variables CHC/Dodge:

The english versions:

the german ones:


I guess we all can see what's wrong with this one?!

In case the salvo (Salve) is allways a skill I would remove the first word "skill"/"fertigkeit".
Just: "Increase Salvo damage by +X%. Provides +X% Deflection bonus when Salvo skills are in use."
In case of the german text: "Erhöht Salvenschaden um... bei Verwendung einer Salvenfertigkeit."
Because ... "Salvenfertigkeitsschaden"... ;)

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German translation / Skilltree
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4 years 220 days ago


4 years 220 days ago
Hi! Could you please send this report to [email protected]? Our team will fix these mistakes as soon as possible. Thank you!