Games Workshop 500

Inquisitor - Martyr 25% off!



We celebrate together with Games Workshop, as they have opened their 500th store, roughly 40 years after the first one! What a grand journey! You should really visit the Warhammer Community to learn more about the event and the history behind it.

The miniatures, the art work and the vast, ever expanding lore library of Warhammer 40,000 has inspired many designers and developers at NeocoreGames, even long before working on Martyr. Games Workshop has reached many like-minded people and forged a great community all around the world. We celebrate that this weekend.

So, to contribute a little something to this celebration, Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr is now discounted for the weekend on Steam, 25% off!

Also, please share your fondest memories about anything related to Warhammer in the comments!

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Games Workshop 500 Inquisitor - Martyr 25% off!
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5 years 39 days ago
I have decided to do one thing. I was just reading on the Warhammer Community pages that just before Christmas there will be released one Warhammer 40k Warhammer Quest Board Game. I have decided on that day I will not only buy meself a copy of it, since I actually love the Warhammer Quest series, but I am going to also buy a cake on the launch day to go along with it to celebrate the first ever 40k Warhammer Quest.
5 years 47 days ago
My fondest memories, Warhammer related? Hhmmm, well. At the same time it is great and many, and not many I do remember but still at the same time some memories just pops up.

Some people may say meehhh to this, but I do remember fondly still a game I played versus Tyranids and I played the Space Wolves. It was the 3rd round and the Tyranids decided to totally surround and attack the Squad of Grey Hunters (10) including a Wolf Guard Leader. Now they landed 36 blows and caused 17 Wounds on my Wolves. It was time for Armour save. Of those 17 dices rolled, 16 managed to save. Only 1 single Wolf perished in that Tyranid Assault. The Wolves managed to wipe out the entire Tyranid Squad during the Counter Attack.

The game ended in a Draw. This moment and a cpl others I do remember from this specific game. I played many a Warhammer games, but some of the things from this specific battle I remember the most. This battle was played during the 4th Edition of Warhammer 40k.

I have played many a games of Warhammer, and most of them I just forget about, but this specific one I still remember some of. I don´t know why really. Probably because some of the moments was extremely intense.

Another game/moment I still do remember though is the one in 5th Edition where I played the Grey Knights versus Space Marines. My opponent had a Dreadnought. He charged my Squad of 7 Power Armoured Brother Knights and of course he wiped out my entire Squad except for one Knight, who in return chopped off the Dreadnoughts Close Combat Arm as revenge for his 6 fallen comrades. Of course he perished after this, but still it is considered one heroic deed. I was impressed though.

5 years 48 days ago
Same here. Would love to play, because I actually enjoy the game. Just can't progress.
5 years 49 days ago
Sarcastic thought from a player who has 3 characters stuck in story mission for more than a week : is it a bug free version, because mine, paid full price, is full of them ^^