Gamebreaking Bug


See description. It appears to be an issue othet ppl are having on other platforms & not being addressed.  Sucks because I picked this up because it looked interesting & like the type of games I really like. Then I start playing and was super excited to discover something new that I thought was going to be an instant favorite. An hour later & I'm like checking to see if it says Bethesda or EA on the box anywhere. Not only is there no option to select anything to start on the map, but theres also no way to back out of it without going back to home screen. Thank god for the gamestop return policy on used titles.

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Gamebreaking Bug
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4 years 356 days ago

As I remember ...

After starting a new character, the player character would fly into the mysterious ship (Martyr) and investigate the place.  That investigation is divided into a few missions (that serve as a tutorial), and only after that the player return to the player base (command bridge) where he/she can have access to the star map.

As I can see OP have played for about an hour, I think he/she is still in the tutorial missions and his character hadn't return to the player base.

But all these are my speculation.

4 years 356 days ago

you meant you cannot even see Open World missions on the Starmap? Or you cannot continue the story itself? And cannot leave the Starmap once you are there? We look forward to your reply.

4 years 356 days ago

Hello, yes hopefully you can return it. I mentioned this bug a few days ago and they did not even care about saying anything... in this position i dont even know if they dont give a **** or if they are working on it...

Get your money back and spend it at a company that cares about players...